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10-19-2004, 01:33 PM
Due to the recent dearth of any information coming from Blizzard, some forum-goers started asking for some new stuff to nibble on.

Ok, here's just a SMALL TASTE of upcoming stuff. I don't want you guys freaking out though. Last time I posted a preview, everyone complained about the stuff I didn't mention. Keep in mind, there are LOTS of people working on LOTS of different areas.

Here's a small sample of upcoming stuff:

--Hunter Talents and imrpovements
--Pally Talents and improvenments (very cool changes!)
--Some *awesome* changes to the warrior
--Tons of tradeskill polish
--Lots more quests... newbie zone polish, plus additional Horde content in the re-vamped Kalimdor zones (ashenvale, desolace, stonetalon, etc.)
--More flight paths
--More Graveyards
--Onyxia >=]

Looks like Hunters and Pally's are getting their talents at the same time.

And what's that... Onyxia, WoW's first dragon!

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