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12-21-2004, 09:29 PM
ok so i got curious one day and went to gnomergan since no one wanted a lame ol 28 druid in there group for Gnomergan

so i went to Gnomergan non instance area and solod a while, about half an hour later i got my first punch card (for the gnomergan primastic card quest)

So i decided to see how many quests i could do by my self.

Primastic punch card:
-solo in the out of instance area to get white punch card
-go to the roundish room need workshop door to finish A
- zone in and use cat sneak (this is where it gets tricky, but very fun)
- sneak your way all the way down to the cleansing area
- go to the right punch card and hope the mobs wonder right so u can un sneak and grab the B punchcard.
- resneak go to the left from the B punch cards outside of cleansing area, and into the slime pit.
- follow either wall (left wall is faster) and go to the chicken walker hallway
- here you can either go on the catwalk to the left and stay right on the edge and take it VERY slowly, and watch out for alarms. or you can go on the right side and ther eis a small little indentation out of the wall you can jump on and go the way on that, however mobs CAN detect you up there if ur within there range, so be very patient if you go that way (my personal choice is the left cat walk.)
- this part is fairly hard, you can either go right (i never have) or go left and follow the outside near the pit, however there is an airplane in the way that i get stuck on ALOT, so you may have to jump off on to the platform below you, then on a catwalk near the wall, then on the platform above the door, and then on the ground of the pit.
-if you did go through the pit, be careful you dont land near any mean guyz, they have rather high sneak detection. and work your way back in through that door up back to the top (you will be past the airplace you fell off near).
-work your way around to the bridge that leads to the Electricutioner 6000.
-sneak by him and on the opposite side of the punch card C machine, from this you will get card D.
-ive never tried sneaking through the hole thing to workshop, i usually die on purpose to get back to workshop door easier, then have someone near there open it for me.
-go in workshop door, and u will confront about 5 groups of 5 in this thin hallway, use your judgement to get past these guyz and all the way to the door. (this will take a long time to figure out, its like a mine feild, dont try going thru the middle of them though)
- pass the door and ur in a safe zone, get to the elevator and take a breather, before you go down the elevator resneak.
-at the bottom of the elevator go into the middle next to the circle thingy in the middle, and go on the opposite side of the elevator.
-on the opposite side u will see an extrapilator and a Card D slot, try for the one in the MIDDLE of the room near the middle wall. DO NOT try and get the 2 that are in the hallway with the 1 lvl 32 elite unless u can solo him fairly quickly (wandering alarm system, chicken walker, and a another spider walk through there)
-grab the middle card d and you will most likely die once u get it, but you will have finished the quest :)

The rest of these quests i had a 35 rog helping me so if u can get a rogue to help you, go for it, also workshop area for Primastic card peice is ALOT easier with a rogue that can distract and vanish.

vial thingy quest (dont remember name)
-have rogue tank the irridated guy outside of the instance, as you get the flask filled while near him.
-go back turn in get the new quest.
-both rogue and u sneak down to cleansing room in instance
-take a left as if u were going to do Card C fight
-and u will be in the round room , here find an irridated mob, have rogue tank it while u fill vial again. or flip flop for whoever needs it.

Artificial artifacts
-while you are sneaking around the instance to do the vial or Prismatic quests u will see Artificial Extrapilators or something, if you see any with no mobs near them, grab em, that simple.
-if you run out of ones, leave the instance, come back, and they respawn. Possible after a certain amount of time, not sure.

24 mechanical guts thing
-duo with the rogue in the first instance area not the workshop, and eventually u will get them all.

Workshop key
-you and rogue sneak all the way down to card C area as described in Prismatic Punch card quest. (this is not easy)
-have mana potions and give rogue health potions just incase/
-the 32 elite has ALOT of hp, so it will be a long fight, be conservative with heals, and hope you get lucky.

I beleive there was a Thermaplugg quest as well
-hes just a 26 elite spider that sits alone outside of the instance in some room. Rogue and i Duo'd him very easily, however he shoots out distractions that ensnare you, which does nothing if your not trying to run anyways?

Good luck to all that try, i finished all my Gnomergan quests with either just me, or me and a 35 rogue, except for the 35 elite guy at the end. Cat form sneak rules :)

P.S. - if you can have a rogue with you, it helps ALOT, such as getting on agro on just one mob, you and the rogue can kill rather than if your by ur self your most likely going to have to run away. another strategy for getting to areas is have the rogue get agro on all the mobs in your way, while you sneak and follow him to the area your trying to get to, he vanishes when he gets there, and they should be out of your way for a few seconds depending on how far he ran. And Distraction helps alot as long as the rogue doesn't run out of flash powder, but remember some mobs can resist it.


12-27-2004, 10:37 AM
Is there a safe area with merchants there? or just a hostile dungeon?

12-28-2004, 09:10 AM
The Clean room has a Engineering (?) Merchant I believe and it's a safe area.

12-29-2004, 09:58 AM
yes, the clean room which is about 20 mobs in once u zone in the instance, is completely safe, it has a merchant or 2, the slot machine thingy's, and guards (the guards will not help you if you pull to them, btw).

It also has a mailbox, so if ur down there and ur friend has those grime thingys, he can send em to you and turn em in for him :P

12-29-2004, 10:46 AM
(the guards will not help you if you pull to them, btw).
However, I've found the Medics will heal you. ;)

12-30-2004, 03:45 PM
Is it possible to sneak to the grime cleaner thing? I have a bunch of them but have never even seen it. I am currently level 28. I should be 29 tonight though.

01-01-2005, 05:28 AM
Much possible, they are in the clean area. When entering the first entrance, go all the way to the middle area and take a left, follow that for a while till theres a door, not the pathway, but a big open area in a will, go down the stairs there then ur there. In the clean area, theres like 4 slot machine thingys against the wall, those are what ur looking for.

sorry for bad explanation, very tired.

01-04-2005, 05:09 AM
Hi all.

Very nice info on Gnomeregan, thanks a lot.:)

As a further note, would it be possible for you guys to explain what is inside these grime encrusted things? My hunter got some of these the other night, so i was curious about them.:)

Thanks in advance.

01-04-2005, 10:02 AM
There are "slot machine" type things in the Clean Room. If you have a grime-encrusted thingy and 3 silver, you can take a chance and get a mystery gift. I found the majority of the items received were mining related (copper/tin/iron/silver ore, rough/coarse/heavy stones), with a smattering of gemstones (lesser moonstone/moss agate/jade). I did get a decent ring. Unfortunately, even though it was labeled as bind when equipped, the process of removing it from the gift box binds it to you. So I had to vendor it instead of using the AH.

01-04-2005, 11:15 AM
Woah, thanks a lot for the swift answer.:)

It's a shame for the bind when picked up, but the surprise effects is a nice add on.

Will pay a visit to Gnomeregan soon then.

Thanks again and have a nice day.