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01-07-2005, 09:29 PM
Thanks to Boudicca for this:

Bear form (level 10):

Once you're level 10, Gennia Runetotem in Bloodhoof Village will give you
the initial quest - to go to the Elder Rise in Thunder Bluff and meet the
main Druids of your people. Go to TB and talk to Turak Runetotem on the
Elder Rise. He will then give you the quest to go to Moonglade, as well as
teach you the teleport spell for it. He tells you to speak to a Night Elf
named Dendrite Starblaze, and when you cast the spell you land right in
front of the building he's at. I would advise setting your home point here
in Thunder Bluff for the remainder of this quest, so you can use the
hearthstone for efficiency.

Make sure your hearthstone is refreshed before heading to Moonglade, or
you'll have to either wait for it and risk PvP death, or wander out of
Moonglade and into level 50+ zones.

Now, Moonglade is a neat concept. It's Contested Territory; but it's where
Druids of both races come to learn, and there is supposed to be peace and
harmony throughout the area. When you talk to the NPCs, they discourage
conflict and killing players in the zone is supposed to anger the guards and
lower faction. Dunno if it's been implemented yet, since I saw some PvPers
fighting nearby, but we'll see. Druids of both races and all kinds of levels
go and quest there, so you might come face-to-face with a level 60 Night Elf
during any of your time in Moonglade.

Head up inside the building to Dendrite, and he'll tell you some lore, and
send you to find the Great Bear Spirit in the area. The Spirit roams close
to where you are, just head north/northwest along the border and you will
find him. After talking to the Spirit, go back to Dendrite, finish up the
quest with him, and he'll send you back to Thunder Bluff. The Elder in
Thunder Bluff will then send you to find the Moonkin Stone, and to fight the
Wild Moonkin Spirit.

The Moonkin Stone is right as you cross over from Mulgore to The Barrens.
When you cross over, there will be a hut on the right side as you're going
south. Behind the hut there will be a very small open area with the Moonkin
Stone in the middle of it. Triggering it pops a wild-looking bear monster
that charges from the hut. He aggroes anyone close, so be sure you grab him
before someone else gets aggro or takes him.

The Spirit is level 13, so it would be a good idea to bring a friend along
for support. I did the fight with another Druid and it was pretty easy. Once
he's dead, his Spirit form will appear and you talk to him to complete the
quest. Make sure you interact with him and get the (Complete) message before
you head back to TB.

Go back to Thunder Bluff, talk to the Elder, and Voila! You can turn into a