View Full Forums : Dungeon Fixes! Yay!

01-09-2005, 02:17 AM
Tigole posted this today:

Yesterday we discovered the bug that was causing monsters in the Gauntlet wing of Stratholme to leave combat on a frequent basis. This would cause the monsters to behave oddly and regen health and mana instantly.

In addition to fixing this bug, we also addressed several other issues with the zone. We are going to lengthen the respawn on the roaming gargoyles slightly, as well as the respawn on some of the wandering duo's in the Bastion. Conjurers will also conjur less frequently.

As for other dungeons, many of the creatures in Gnomeregan, Uldaman and Razorfen Downs will take longer to respawn.

Please note: These changes will not take place until the next content patch.

Personally, the gauntlet issue has been a whole shred of headache for me. The quick respawn on roamers, while annoying, hasn't stopped me from defeating the instances...but the evade/heal bug in the gauntlet makes it virtually impossible to complete with a 5 man group unless you are supremely fortunate.

01-11-2005, 03:33 PM
I had problems when I tried to solo or Duo Stockages in Stormwind since druid roots are outdoor only and the warrior didnt have a root. When you enter and try to do the first two prisoners, they run when they get low on health. unfortunately they run UP the stairs and out of the instance. There is no way to kill then before they zone and when they return, they are full health, agro'd on you, and you usually are trying to kill another prisoner. This instance definately requires a mage or other rooting class to do and even so the ones closest to the zoneline are a problem.