View Full Forums : The Honeymoon is over! Blizzard becoming "just another company"

01-18-2005, 05:18 PM
Two popular webcomic and general gaming news sites - <a href="">GuComics</a> and <a href="">Penny Arcade</a> - have both published some scathing words about Blizzard's lack of action or even acknowledgement about server lag, drops and the general gameplay issues that have been plaguing WoW since release. While Blizzard keeps touting large numbers of players who have bought and subscribed to WoW, even going so far as saying that they have stopped production on new CDs to adjust server populations and to address gameplay issues, fans keep hearing more about the upcoming Battlegrounds than news on whether or not people will actually be able to <i>play</i> the game. Looking on the official Blizzard forums will not yield any additional info other than a line that should be <b>very familiar</b> to old school Everquest fans - <i>"We're working on the problem."</i>

The honeymoon is over and players seem to be finally relinquishing the mindset that Blizzard can do no wrong.

So the test of character finally comes into play - Will Blizzard impress fans with its response by telling fans exactly what's going on, why it's taking so long to fix, and a <i>realistic date</i> on when it might be fixed? Or will they continue to pull a "we know the problem exists and we're working on it" mentality?