View Full Forums : First PvP experience

02-25-2005, 04:30 PM
It was cheap and taudry, but last night ran across an orc hunter a few levels below me around Astranaar (sp?) in Ashenvale. He had his tag on when I saw him jump in the water. I ducked down, rooted him in spot, and just let him sit there.
Sometimes I really wish I played on a pvp server, but getting attacked during quests would drive me nuts I think.

02-25-2005, 05:28 PM
I spent some time last Saturday defending the Darnassus area with my warlock. Two level 60 horde (orc hunter and undead warrior) were causing havoc and a couple low level guildmates had joined the attack to help repel them. Nobody in the defense was over level 30 or so, so they were calling out for help. Myself and a few other level 50-52 responded. This is on a PvE server, so it was voluntary PvP but I was bored and decided to try it out.

It was fun, although I died several times (I was level 50, they were both 60). I got in some good licks though, and I even managed to solo kill the hunter once. My pet seduced him and while he was waiting for it to drop, I landed a crit shadowbolt on him ;)

Was a good learning experience. Number one thing I learned... do NOT let a hunter get in bow range. Getting critted with some of the ranged talent-enhanced shots he was throwing out really hurt :) I'm a stamina warlock. My unbuffed HP are close to 3100. He was able to knock me out in 2-3 shots a couple times. What really hurt was when the warrior stunned me and then the hunter unloaded his ranged arsenal on me. I died quick :)