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03-15-2005, 01:19 PM
Is anyone else in this predicament?

I've been lvl 60 for a lonnnng time now. I've had all my end game gear for over 2 weeks. I login and the only thing left for me to do is farm devilsaurs and sell parts to save up for epic mount, or do quests with clanmates to help them level.

Only thing about helping clanmates out is that there is NO rush to get to 60. They get to 60 faster, they wind up where I am faster. Its not like theres pvp going on and I need more people to fight orcs with. So my motivation to do this for long periods of time is very low.

I could try to farm a tome of knowledge and star of mysteria from SM side strath, and I could try to farm BRD for the libram reagants and a blood of the mountain. The drop rates on everything in BRD are sooo low that it isn't really worth it, esp not when the diamond and the eye are both BOP.

I barely play anymore as there is nothing to do. I was excited about the new patch at first, but the longer they delay it the more that excitement wanes and I am reminded that basically I'm going to login and fool around w the new abilities for a few hours, then it'll be dire maul farming assuming anything useful drops there. So far from the test server reports I have seen NOTHING from dire maul that I would even want to use. So basically this patch will provide me with a few extra hours of entertainment, and odds are pvp/bg's are MONTHS away.

Its a hard decision to cancel my account because I'm a guild leader and I should be around to build up the clan. But its just SOOOO boring. Pking gets old after about an hour since nothing changes, gank/zerg repeat. They die and walk back. You die and walk back. Big whoop.

I'm sure there are other 60s who have gone through the same thing and already cancelled their accounts. It's sad but I think I'm going to have to as well. Right now counter strike 1.6 is more fun than wow... hell winpong is more fun than wow right now :(

03-15-2005, 01:47 PM
Probably a stupid question, but have you tryed making a new character and leveling it up?

Also, if you delete your account dont you lose your character?

King Burgundy
03-15-2005, 02:15 PM
Just depends on what you enjoy in these games I guess. I personally still raid a great deal. Our guild just started up our foray's into MC recently(already getting bit by the raid saving issue though, hurry up patch!). I still love completing quests and the like, and there are still a few around that I haven't gotten around to finishing, like the Bijou line in LBRS. And I still have some minor farming to do for other goals I set myself like exhaulted Argent Dawn.

On top of all that, I am also raising up some of my alt's finally like my druid/enchanter/tailor and rogue/miner/engineer that are in their 20s.

I change things up a lot and as of yet haven't been bored when I've been on. Its all been quite fun.

And Dire Maul is very entertaining, I can't wait till it goes live.


Doesn't sound like you are into raiding or into playing alts. Maybe you've exhausted what this game has to offer *you* at this point. I'd cancel and maybe come back in a couple of patches.

And no, cancelling does not delete your characters.

03-15-2005, 02:16 PM
No, you can't delete your account, only Blizzard can. And they currently have no plans to delete inactive accounts/characters.

03-15-2005, 02:19 PM
Winterspring Frostsaber if you're a glutton for punishment =)

03-15-2005, 03:00 PM
It's actually kinda funny to me that so many people have hit 60. Not sure how long it took you but I know you've been 60 since I started looking at these boards so I'm guessing less than a month. Personally I never saw the big rush to 60, cause I knew I'd be right where you are. Hell in your own post you called it "endgame", i'm guessing there's a reason for that!

So since you asked, yeah, quit and come back when they raised the level cap, should keep you busy for a days until you
hit level XX.

03-15-2005, 03:49 PM
Pretty sure I am gonna retire my account until they make pvp.

WRT Molten Core: 5 hours with 40 people for 2-3 epics? 100% not worth it. 100% time sink. You might as well ride the hippogryph back and forth from auberdine to felwood as do MC. Especially given that half the epics blow. even if I got cenarion gloves, using them would force me to lose my 8-piece WH set bonus, and all I'd get instead would be like +15 resistances... too bad resistances are worthless.

I signed up for a pvp server because my MMORPG experience has been that the games revolve around pvp. The rest is a grind to get better at pvp (higher level, better gear, more gold for potions, etc). If I wanted to fight NPC's I'd play final fantasy or something single-player.

There has to be some point to leveling, otherwise you get lvl 60 and you've beat the game. That's how single-player RPG's work. You level your char up to fight the last boss, and when you beat him its over. MMORPG's are supposed to be dynamic and continuous, and the only way they do this is with pvp (wars, battlegrounds, diff mmorpgs have diff mechanisms). Right now Blizzard is asking me and the rest of the lvl 60s in endgame gear to pay $15/month to sit around and chat with players who haven't beat the game yet.

With respect to alts, I say "no", and for three reasons.

1. I'm a druid. I play with energy, rage, and mana. There is nothing radically different for me to experience with any other character (I have rolled a priest and warrior alt).

2. The quests are the same, so even if I played this game for the single-player element, how many times can I kill Van Cleef and still act surprised when I wind up in the stockades?

3. Why am I leveling an alt again? So I can have a bunch of idle level 60 chars in endgame gear that I never play? While I give WoW credit for making leveling less boring than other games, it is not fun enough for me to be interested in running more characters to level 60 just for the "fun" of leveling them. I got burned out on my priest at level 34 because I remembered that leveling wasn't that fun, and that assuming I get my priest to lvl 60 I just have to let him sit there and go make something else.

Half my guild has made rogue alts. How do all these rogue alts help the guild? they don't. How do they give an edge for pvp? they don't. Alts are useless to a guild, they are useless to pvp, they are useless to your main. The only purpose they serve is to allow you to redo all the quests you just got done doing.

So yeah, I think Blizz has got its last $15 out of me until BG shows up.

King Burgundy
03-15-2005, 05:26 PM
Well, most people that enjoy alts make them for exactly that reason. They enjoy them. They are fun. It sounds like you are not one of those people. ;)

You make the reference to single player RPGs... Lots of people will not just play through them one time. They'll play through them once as a fighter type, once as a caster type, or once as good once as evil, etc.

I could list off plenty of ways alts are different, especially if you play through once as alliance and once as horde, but I can tell that you are the type of gamer that doesn't enjoy that kind of thing anyway.

You should definitely take a break from the game. Continuing to play it while you feel the way you do will only increase your resentment. Take care, and maybe see you around when battleground and honor are in.

03-16-2005, 09:36 AM
Get on a different server and play a Horde character. The perspective is quite different.

One thing our server is starting to expeirment with is to have our own versions of Battlegrounds. A bunch of people from Closed Beta are trying to organize this on Friday and Saturday nights, where certain designated areas are chosen and groups of 20 players from each side battle it out. At a certain time, say, 12:00 midnight EST, the group that controls the area is considered the "winner" via screenshot. There are about 15 different areas in conflict all at once, so zerg armies aren't as prominent. It's all for bragging rights of course, no real rewards, but it's hella fun if everyone participates.

We pick areas that are low on mob population and far from GYs. Some of them include the the bridge between Wetlands and Arathi, the bridge between WP and EP, certain areas in Tanaris and Desolace, etc. etc.

aybe you guys can organize something like that on your server. *shrug* Hopefully they will add more raid zones soon, and those new open-area raid mobs will make life VERY interesting on a PvP server. Think Kael Drakkal races for Vindi and Tormax, but with player-killing! FUN!

03-16-2005, 12:02 PM
I realize the quests are boring now...ive got the same problem. But have you considered creating a character on the different faction? I created an undead after playing a NE hunter all the way through and im having a good time doing all the different quest and areas. Just hop on a different server and try a character there.....i bet you will have a great time. (Try Burning Legion....i play undead there and plenty of pvp material)

03-16-2005, 12:51 PM
I gotta agree with Aitrus, even the thought of continued runs through instances just for a few extra stat points makes me gag. The bottom line is that this game is really well balancened "as intended" by the designers. Is there another game that a good PvP'er can stomp an average PvP'er with a 5 even 10 level difference?

Think about endgame gear. Good blue stuff just gathered along the way or the "super-duper epic sets of godly power!" That gear makes the difference between players of equal skill over multiple battles perhaps, but is not going to decide a single fight. In large scale PvP I think it would likely matter even less.

Example, super dagger posted recently from DM I think, 51dps?. good dagger you can buy on AH now 40-42dps? 10 dps difference, caster spec so assume one is using it. 30 sec fight, 300 extra damage. 60s fight 600 extra damage. But wait its a caster so if your meleeing for 60 secs your dead. How many fights is that really going to decide?

So given the small amount of impact between good gear and great gear I really don't even see the benefit or excitement of the "endgame" as it stands. I really don't think we are going to see gear in instances that have 100 better stat points or do 50 dps more than the equivalent lv AH item.

But wait you say, the endgame is about PvP. Perhaps, we'll have to wait and see if battlegrounds is really any different than the nightly back and forths at Tarren Mill.
But I can say the honor system sucks. No rank decrease for killing lower players = free ganks. Maybe I was one of the few who liked the old ultima system of red flagged murders but I thought it was cool as ****. You could kill anybody anytime but just like real life you better be prepared for the consequences. Not only that, but it really made your heart pound when you were fighting cause every fight mattered and you had no idea what you were up against. In WoW there are classes and lv's above everybody's head! No mystery there, higher lv, tough class = haul ass. Great for the pre-pubsent gank squads though, every player has a sign that tells them if they should attack or go find a a lower lv noob to screw with.

Damn this has gone on too long. I tend to think with writing so this is basically the stuff that has been on my mind but havent really verbalized. Anyway, like I said, I gotta agree with Aitrus.

03-16-2005, 12:56 PM
UO's PvP system was the best by far i think....back in the old days anyways. I agree, WoW should take a further look at dishonor and such. One of the things i liked about WoW when i read about it was the fact that if you participated in ganking you would earn dishonor....and in turn become KoS to your own faction even. I had thought when i read it that Blizzard was going to go through with it.....guess things change though.

03-16-2005, 01:11 PM
I'm a huge fan of alts myself, and a huge fan of end game and PvP

As a druid I have a rogue and a warrior alt... as odd as it may seem, the warrior and rogue do play quite differently from my Druid, as I play my Druid using all 3 aspects... As for switching factions and playing alts, i'm loving it :)

03-16-2005, 02:55 PM
I think people thought this game was like EQ or other MMOs, where you *wanted* to be high level because all the best content and all the fun was there.

I think those people miscalculated. Blizzard made leveling relatively easy and fun and packed in a ton of quests all over the place. As hokey as it sounds, I think the point (and fun) in this game is in the journey and not in the destination. To design it otherwise is to push it into the same genre of EQ, where the designers are forced into swift content patches and always more-more-more for the gluttonous high-end crowd.

I am 60 now as are a few in my guild and my boyfriend. We still have a bunch of content to do, but we have almost all started alts of opposing faction. I might even try PvP because I suspect that experience may slow down the leveling.

Midnight Sky
03-16-2005, 03:48 PM
I am one to get bored with games very quickly. WoW has kept my interest so far (I am level 43) and the endgame looks intreguing to me. I think it really depends on the type of player you are. If your not having fun then don't play. Hope you enjoy it when Battle Grounds, More Content and Hero Levels (61-120 was it?) are in.

03-16-2005, 03:59 PM
"Blizzard made leveling relatively easy and fun and packed in a ton of quests all over the place."

Exactely, and

"I might even try PvP because I suspect that experience may slow down the leveling."


I play about 1 to 2 hours a day sometimes do an instance on the weekends. What's so great about this game is that you can do that and still enjoy it. I quit UO back in the day cause I couldn't invest the time to GM the next uber skill to keep up. Never even got serious about EQ cause I could see it was the same. You might think from my post that I am saying WoW sucks, not totally true, I'm saying I think it sucks for power gamers. Ultimately this is good for me though the casual gamer who will likely not hit 60 for several more months.

Also I have been PvP'ing since I got travel form, never turn down a duel and try to participate in town raids/defense as much as I can. Personally I think I will be much more ready for battlegrounds then someone who has spent the majority of their time raiding instances to get an extra 3 stat points and hopefully won't become frustrated as Aitrus and others have just waiting for the next patch.

03-17-2005, 08:53 AM
The point for me in MMOs has always been advancement. As long as there are still ways to improve my character, I'm not bored. I'm levelling up a rogue on my second box, and while you can say that druids "play with energy", it's not at all even remotely the same.

For us the energy bar controls how often we can Claw, Rake, and Rip a little extra bonus to our relatively low cat DPS. For a rogue, that energy bar is life, it controls DPS both int and out. I swear that 90% of the rogues I play with are idiot DPS monkeys, they have so much more to offer. The level of crowd control they possess both pulling and during the fight is insane.

They can sap. They can split wandering groups with distract. They lay down over 10 seconds of stun in a group setting in the initial battle. In a solo setting they can keep a mob locked up til it's dead. The can almost completely nullify and "off tank" a mob without getting touched.They can completely shed their aggro. Poisons completely remove runners as a concern for the group.

We could have rogue DPS and still easily not be as good as they are. Sadly, most of the rogue population only cares about damage, so their bag of tricks isn't seen as often as it should.

Anyway, I've meandered. My rogue is a miner, and I've taken up enchanting, I'm going to get my Smoking Heart. I have my Onyxia key, I hope to see that bitch die sooner than later. It's not about the gear, it's about defeating that content. I'd also like to see more of Molten Core. There is content left to see and defeat and there is still gear to collect. I'm sure there will be an update before I'm done with that.