View Full Forums : Beta Test Text Based RPG!!!!

03-25-2005, 12:21 PM
I run a site with a freind, Nerevar, Called HeroRPG. Its a text based online rpg that we have been developing with VBulliten and PHP. Its out for beta testing and is quiet enjoyable if I do say so myself. Custom icons, Items, Heros, Shops, Monsters, Mail, Banking System, Everything. Full out RPG, and its still being developed.

We are in the need of Beta Testers though for this RPG. People to basicly play it, and see if there are any bugs and such, and people to just...well just play. We also need a graphic designer, to make animated monster icons.

Anyway it would mean alot to me if you could just stop by and check it out, make an account, play for a little while, buy some items, kill some monsters, ya know. If you have talent in graphic design and would like to join the team just contact Nerevar or I. I hope to see you there

Thanks In Advance :biggrin: