View Full Forums : FISHING!!!!!!

03-30-2005, 04:30 PM
Fishing is by far the best profession to get to complement alchemy and cooking.

I needed Oily blackmouths and Firefin Snappers so i went and fished them up myself. Every other raw fish i cought i used in cooking, My cooking skill at the moment is capped at 150. The good thing about cooking fish is you dont need anything else to cook it, just a fire which is free.

The book to become expert fisherman is in Bootey Bay and costs 1 gold. Its on the bottom floor of the dock farthest away from where the boat comes.

It is a good idea to always use the baits when fishing. It raises up your fishing skill so you can catch faster. And there is also a Strong Pole that is sold in limited supply by fishing supply vendors that has +5 fishing. The Aquadynamic Fish attractor made by engineers adds 100 to fishing skill for 5 minutes. There is also an enchant to fishing on gloves. I dont remember the exact amount at hte moment though.

So, in conclusion, when your waiting for your group to get to the instance, or the town, or your waiting for the guild to make a raid call, bust out that pole and catch some fish!!!!