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The Druids Grove Fishing FAQ

This is a quick and dirty fishing guide for World of Warcraft, mostly from an Alliance viewpoint. Most of the world's fishing spots are universal to both Horde and Alliance, so kick back, get some suds, and throw out the line!

<b>Where can I find Official Blizzard information about Fishing?</b>

<b>What are good sources of general information for fishing?</b>
<a href="">Thottbot</a> is a great quick reference point - what equipment is available, what fish are out there, and the best spots to get'em.

<b>Any other good links?</b>
Draznar has a great "all you need to know" FAQ up on the Blizzard forums: In fact, assuming that the WoW Boards are up, that's probably all you'll ever need.

<b>The Basics</b>
Fishing is a secondary skill, and therefore does not count towards your primary skill limit. (Your secondary skills are: Cooking, First Aid and Fishing).

<b>Fishing Rank (Skill window) Level <i>(Other Req)</i></b>
Apprentice (1-75) Level 5
Journeyman (50-150) Level 10
Expert (125-225) Level 20 <i>(Requires: <a href="">Expert Fishing - The Bass and You</a>)</i>
- Sold in Booty Bay by Old Man Heming (/tloc 28,77) on the bottom level of the docks.
- Approximate cost 1g
Artisan (225-300) Level 40 <i>(Quest: <a href="">Clamlette Surprise</a>)</i>

<a href="">Fishing Pole</a>: Vendor: 23c
<a href="">Blump Family Fishing Pole (Fishing +3)</a>: <a href="">Alliance Quest</a>
<a href="">Strong Fishing Pole (Fishing +5)</a>: Vendor: 9s1c
<a href="">Big Iron Fishing Pole (Fishing +20)</a>: Drop
<a href="">Enchant Gloves - Fishing (Fishing +2)</a>

<b>Lures</b> +skill (time) [Skill Requirement] Cost
<a href="">Shiny Bauble</a> +25 (10 minutes) 45-50c
<a href="">Nightcrawlers</a> +50 (10 minutes) [50] 90c-1s
<a href="">Bright Baubles</a> +75 (10 minutes) [100] 2s50c
<a href="">Aquadynamic Fish Attractor</a> +100 (5 minutes) [100] 2s50c

<b>What does fishing complement?</b>
Fishing complements alchemists the best, but it also provides useful items for blacksmiths and tailors. Hunters get a side benefit as fish are an easy and cheap source of food for their pets. For classes without heals, a bit of free food is always a welcome addition.

<b>Weird Loot - Not everything fished is for eating!</b>
<I>Alchemy Fish</i>
<a href="">Oily Blackmouth</a> - Makes <a href="">Blackmouth Oil</a>
<a href="">Deviate Fish</a> - Makes <a href="">Elixir of Giant Growth</a>
<a href="">Firefin Snapper</a> - Makes <a href="">Fire Oil</a>
<a href="">Stonescale Eel</a> - Makes <a href="">Stonescale Oil</a>

<i>Misc Pearls</i>
Pearls are a random loot from various types of clams you'll pick up while fishing. Most pearls are used in Tailoring or Blacksmithing. In order of "level" they are:
<a href="">Iridescent Pearl</a>
<a href="">Small Lustrous Pearl</a>
<a href="">Black Pearl</a>

<b>Getting Started</b>
<i>*Note: It is very recommended that you take up cooking in addition to fishing, as they both skill up very well in conjunction with each other.</i>

To get started fishing, find your local <a href="">Fishing Trainer</a> and select Apprentice Fishing. Next, scratch together a few copper and get yourself a pole (link to vendors above). If you're a complete newbie to fishing, you may want to go ahead and spend a few more copper to purchase some <a href="">Shiny Baubles</a>. This will make your initial fishing attempts much easier.

Equip the fishing pole like you would any other 2-hand weapon. Drag the Fishing icon from your skills book and click away! Hover your mouse over the bobber that appears in the water - you should get a golden widget. When the bobber sinks and splashes, you've got a bite! Click on the bobber and loot your fish.

<b>Common "Gotchas"</b>
<i>Your fish got away!</i> - You'll learn to hate this message during your first ten points in the fishing skill. This means that you had a fish but your skill was not high enough to reel it in successfully. This is a random event later on which you will still get from time to time even at a skill of 300 - especially in the higher skill waters.

<i>You can't attack that / You're not close enough to attack</i> - Since your fishing pole is being weilded like a weapon (and it actually does a good bit of damage!) it replaces your melee attack icon; so the default action is usually to attempt to "attack the water". Make a shortcut to your fishing icon from your skill book. Custom UIs such as Cosmos also include an easy fish interface with auto-recasts every time you reel in your hook.

<i>Your skill is not high enough to fish here</i> - Many of the waters have prerequisite fishing skill levels before you can even cast in the waters. Some waters will allow you to cast but you may get nothing but "Your Fish got away!" messages until you're skill is high enough to consistently catch fish in the area. <i>*Note that some higher level areas, such as Hetaera's Clutch in Azshara, require over 300 base skill - in other words, you need a lure to even fish there!</i>

*Edit - apparently the high end fishing cap <i>seems to be</i> a skill of 420. Armed with the <a href="">Big Iron Fishing Pole</a> and the <a href="">Aquadynamic Fish Attractor</a> you don't appear to get the "Your fish got away!" messages anymore.

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Artisan (225-300) Level 40 (Quest: Nat Pagle, Angler Extreme (

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