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04-21-2005, 08:38 PM
This series of quests will get you a trinket that allows you to see and talk to the ghosts and ghost vendors around Scholomance Island. This line of Quests is available to both Alliance and Horde.

Map of Scholomance Instance

Directly outside the entrance to Scholomance stands the ghost Eva Sarkhoff. Speak to her and listen to her story. Once you've listened to what she has to say she will give you the first quest.

Quest 1 - Doctor Theolen Krastinov, the Butcher

Krastinov is responsible for the deaths of thousands. He must be punished, justice must be meted out.

Find him and exact upon him the agony he has inflicted upon countless innocents. Once he is destroyed, burn our remains. Turn them to ashes.
Find Doctor Theolen Krastinov inside the Scholomance. Destroy him, then burn the Remains of Eva Sarkhoff and the Remains of Lucien Sarkhoff. Return to Eva Sarkhoff when the task is complete

In the depths of Scholomance is Doctor Theolen Krastinov, he is one of the mini bosses in the crypt area past the students (Number 10 on linked Map). Once your group has killed him you will need to burn the corpses of Eva and Lucien that are on the ground in his room. The corpses are on either side of the room. Return to Eva for Experience and your second quest.

Quest 2 - Krastinov's Bag of Horrors

Locate Jandice Barov in the Scholomance and destroy her. From her corpse recover Krastinov's Bag of Horrors. Return the bag to Eva Sarkhoff.

A great weight has been lifted from our hearts, but your task is not yet complete. Krastinov's master, Kirtonos, still lives.

Before you may face Kirtonos, however, you must first secure a method in which to summon him.

It is said that Jandice Barov stewards the blood of innocents from Krastinov to Kirtonos.

Find her in the sunken catacombs of Scholomance and strike her down. Bring back any clues that you may find.

Jandice is located in the basement catacombs (Number 4 on linked map) slay her and loot Krastivov's Bag of Horrors.

Take the Bag back to Eva. She will give you a Blood of the Innocents this will be needed for the 3rd quest.

Quest 3 - Kirtonos the Herald

This is it

The blood of innocents. The purest blood, used to appease Krastinov's master.

It is with this blood that Kirtonos may be summoned. It is with this blood, then, that Kirtonos must be destroyed.

Take the blood to the porch. Place it upon the brazier. Kirtonos will come - he cannot resist. When he appears, unleash the fury and wrath of a thousand innocent deaths upon him.

Should you succeed, you will earn more than just our gratitude.
Return to the Scholomance with the Blood of Innocents. Find the porch and place the Blood of Innocents in the brazier. Kirtonos will come to feast upon your soul.

Fight valiantly, do not give an inch! Destroy Kirtonos and return to Eva Sarkhoff.

On the balcony outside the summoners room in Scholomance is a braizer, use the blood at the brazier (Number 3 on linked map) and Kirtonos will fly in to it. Kirtonos is a gargoyle Slay him and return to Eva.

You will recieve the Spectral Essence Trinket for this series that will allow you to speak to the ghosts of Caer Darrow Island.