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04-27-2005, 06:16 AM
I've been trying to duel priests lately and i can beat bad priest with no problem but good priest who is using the full panel of his skills is really a pain. The best i did was to get him down to 10% but he finished me before i could finish him.

Basically, it seems that priest have every counter attack to a Resto spec druid (9/11/32)

Whatever the spell you stick on him (Moonfire for ex.), he will dispell it.
Whatever you cast on yourself he will dispell it(HoT=Rejuv and Regrowth).
He can dispell Root and Innervate !!

So i must say i'm being clueless here as how to kill priests since they can do all of the above.

Cat form? Hum, they are dealing too many damages and a good priest will wait for you to shift back to caster form to fear+manaburn you. With Bear, it wouldnt happen as long as you can get a Bash out.

Bear is imo still the most viable form to fight priest because of Frenzy Regen and Bash but still...i would win everytime if they couldnt dispell innervate...but they can :)
Sigh, at least with shaman, you can root them, step back and innervate yourself :).

If you got any clues, i'm ready to hear them :)

P.S: I'm not talking about a fight where you can run back and these situations i would innervate and run in sheetah form. But in duel, you gotta stay close.

04-27-2005, 06:49 AM
POSTED BY FLETCH on the WoW Forums.

Good info.

1. Tips: Druids vs Different Classes | 4/26/2005 11:50:51 PM AD

Rember this is my perspective, and from my experiences. I'm a level 45 druid (and for whatever reason I can't post as my main) on a PvE server. I duel a lot and I have over 500 kills in PvP. Take it for a grain of salt, or as tomb of wisdom. Also, be warned I posted it with half sleep, and their will be gammer and spelling mistakes.

Vs. any class:
Use every ability you have. Get your first aid maxed out and make sure if you PvP you have plenty of supplies. This includes mana drinks, food, first aid, and disposable items. Also, I generally will not attack unless I fell I have the offensive.

Rebind those far off keys!! You know, the keys past the number 5. Also ctrl-f1 through f4 will change your form... but this is way to far away for me so I rebound them to my 4th and 5th button on my 5 button mouse. Also instead of 5 through = as my hot bar its now r,t,y for 5,6,7 and f,g,h for 8,9,10 and v,b for -,=. Also you don't need z for sheathing your weapons, or x for siting, or c for character screen, and I don't even remember what ~ does. (z,x,c, are my different heals and ~ is my first aid) Look at your keyboard;

Typical layout:

My layout:

I can still do tab for enemies, and when I shift bars (which I rarely do) its still rty,fgh,vb as my hotkeys. It takes a little getting used to but it works out great. Finally, become a master at "Macro Kung Fu", I have no idea what this means but I added in there for good measure.

Vs. Priest:
Assuming I'm on the offensive, I usually start in cat form with stealth. I pounce the Priest which stuns and DoT's them, then I return to caster form and cast Moonfire and Fairy Fire, and if I'm lucky go in bear form.

A typical Priest will cast absorb shield right away, and Fear/DoT you. Let them have the first round with their Fear/DoT and Shield. Once you're far away from Priest because of Fear, you can chose to heal yourself in caster form, or Feral Charge the Priest, which will stun him, and then heal yourself in caster form. This depends on your health, and/or if Absorb is still on the Priest.

Once healed, I return to bear form and perform my regular attacks saving both bash, and charge when needed (if I didn't use charge). Needed means; I need health, or the Priest needs health, either way the Priest is going to get stunned. I also normally save my enrage against priest till I absolutely can remain in bear form while taking damage, it's a judgment call and it comes with practice.

Honestly, I have not consistently killed priests and hunters as much as other classes. (suggestions would be helpful)

Vs. Rogue:
We'll assume I'm on the defensive, which is usually the case against Rogues. The Rogue has gotten the first attack. Bam; half of your health is gone, your stunned for 4 seconds and thats plenty of time to let panic set in... Bear form right away, screw the heals for the moment.

You're going to get stunned again, and backstabbed again, so you'll take a lot less damage as a bear. Enrage and hopefully get that Bash off right away. (or if you have enough rage when you change to bear, Bash without Enrage.) Then go back in caster form for your heal and HoT and if you can pull it off without getting stunned again give the rogue a Moonfire and a Fairy Fire.

Now you have taken the offensive from the rogue and you should be able to easily kill him in bear form. Use your bear HoT or your feral charge for another caster form heal.

Vs. Warriors:
DO NOT LET YOUR HEALTH GO BELOW 50%. A typical Warrior will wait for his Execute which requires a bit of rage on his part but will wipe you right away. So make sure you do not let him use that ability.

Assuming you have the offensive, you should be in cat form and hidden. I'd recommend pounce, this will stun and DoT them and can't really be used again. Once stunned, go caster form and Moonfire/Fairy Fire and insta-HoT yourself.

Go bear form; Enrage, use your yell, and beat the heck out of the Warrior with your crappy dps. Once your health gets around 60-70%, Bash, pray that it doesn't get blocked, parried, or dodged, goto caster form, root the Warrior, heal yourself with insta heal, and spam Moonfire like crazy; all the time your instaHoT and Moonfiring you'll want to run as far as possible from the Warrior so that you can get in that extra Moonfire.

Once the root is broken you should be nearly fully healed and right at your bear form mana cost. Go bear form, fall back if necessary and feral charge for another stun, a few more hits and the warrior should be down. If not rebash, go caster form again and spam Moonfire.

Vs. Mage:
Again assuming you have the offensive with cat form and stealth. Pounce the Mage so that he can't cast, wait for energy and back stab. By this time the typical Mage will panic and cast ice lock and/or try sheeping you.

Go caster form to break the lock, do Moonfire, go bear form and feral charge for another stun. Go caster form again, Moonfire again, and instaHoT. The typical Mage will arcane missile and insta cast on you and probably start running.

Go cat form, use your 50% speed boost, and back stab him as he runs away. The trick is to let the Mage cast his insta-cast on you before you use your speed boost. So that you can get those last few necessary crits in.

Vs. Paladins:
Really its all about who can out last each other (I play an alliance druid so I can only really duel a paladin). Typical Paladins that I've fought will attack me and stun me. The trick to win is to have range on the pally.

This means going bear form and stunning the paladin, root him, and spam Moonfire while you run as far away from the root as possible. This will give you more chances to cast Moonfire as he has to "catch up" to you while you run away. This works even better against a Paladin (as compared to a Warrior) because they don't have any ranged attacks.

About this time the paladin will start to cast his heal. Go bear form and feral charge him, this will stop the cast, go caster form right away and cast root again and Moonfire like mad while running away, rinse, and repeat till he's dead.

Vs. Hunter:
A typical hunter is all about his pet, so if you stop the pet you win. Assuming again your in cat form and hidden, you pounce the hunter, go caster form and sleep the poor little pet.

By this time, the hunter should be free to attack you, go bear form and fight the hunter as if he was a warrior or a rogue.

The nice thing about hunters is they get crazy amount of attacks in, so its very difficult for you to cast your heals or anything of that sort, due to the interrupts. Plus they have mana drain much like the priest do so stay in animal form as much as possible against them.

Oh and also they have Feign Death, make sure when the Hunter is dead that they're dead. If you can still attack the dead body, then they are not dead. As I said before, I think the two classes that always defeat me are the hunter and the Priest.

I know I'm forgetting a few classes, but I rarely see them so I dont have enough experience fighting them. If you read this far, then your either family or crazy, in either case thank you for your time and any suggestions, comments, and/or concerns can be sent to me via email at: or by replying to this post.

04-27-2005, 07:16 AM
I should have been more specific :)

I'm considering a fight where you dont start in stealth mode. I mean, of course, i could, but i want to find a way to beat a priest who got the attack initiative as it might happen in real pvp situation :)

04-27-2005, 11:06 AM
My girlfriend plays a lvl 60 priest, and I play a lvl 60 druid. Currently I'm the only person she knows of that can regularly beat her in a duel, and while it's fun beating her, I'm getting tired of sleeping on the couch. ;)

So here's my technique: First, build up as much shadow protection as you can. I'm a leatherworker and made myself a set of Frostsaber armor. With the armor and various trinkets I have my shadow resist up to 190. I resist 4 out of 5 spells she hits me with.

Then I switch off of doing dps with cat form and healing with either nature's swiftness+healing touch or bear form+frenzied regeneration.

Also, with the new PvP trinket that dispells fear, I can kill her in 1/2 the time.

04-28-2005, 09:26 PM
I just read all of that and i think my heads gonna BLOW!:/ But anyways it was good info.:P hopefully someone puts more info here.

04-29-2005, 10:27 AM
don't know about the rest of you guys, but i don't have too much trouble even killing priests that get the jump on me, including shadow specced ones, because my restore specced hots > priests' dots. i can kill them by staying in caster form or shifting to bear. have i been fighting only ****ty priests?

04-29-2005, 03:29 PM
I have no trouble beating priests of my own level as long as I keep my hitpoints high. However, the only reason I beat a priest is because my mana runs out at about the same time, and then I have the upper hand because of leather vs cloth, or if I have just enough mana I can use bear form.

For some reason I beat shadow priests the majority of the time, but came across a holy spec'd priest in a duel that was far superior to me. She was very good about dispelling *everything*, and she used an hp/mana draining spell which was devastating.

04-29-2005, 05:31 PM
Mana Burn

04-30-2005, 08:00 AM
use feral charge and bash
you will need to heal when you get down to 30% or so, since if you are caught in a fear while in a feral form with dot's on you are in for trouble.

Build up rage and frenz regen, then build up again while you wait for it to cool down and keep feral charging the priest as often as you can. Try if you can to time it when they are casting something, anything. That's either one less damage spell or one less healing spell for them. When you need a heal bad or when they are low, bash! they an heal as fast as you can cast a wrath, so unless they are oom, don't do any spells except moonfire. It may make them waste mana dispelling the dot effect.

Still, I hardly ever win vs a good priest.