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05-24-2005, 02:48 PM
So, as I slowly approach the halfway point to 58, finishing off a few quests here and there in felwood and winterspring, I'm wondering how I can best make use of my time to get up to 60.

I've seen a few posts on how grinding is the fastest way to go, but I seem to find the druid dps is so low I can't make any reasonable xp/hr. Grinding the ghosts around the frozen lake in winterspring for example, I'm only making about 16k/hr unrested. And dealing with horde only makes the process that much slower. (I'm restore spec and don't exactly have the best feral gear, so this might be the reason)

I've also wondered about questing, but it seems that the distances between quest giver and quest location are so far that I'd be making about the same as with grinding. The horde have also been an issue here, but I seem to deal with them less since I'm usually always moving.

I've tried to go into the plaugelands, but that has 2 or 3 groups of dedicated horde players consistently running from site to site around the plaugelands, just for ganking purposes, and there are little to no alliance in the area.

Instances seem like a better bet, but I feel like BRD's is the only place I can get any real experience because the others are raid groups and sunken temple just doesn't have the return for the time it takes.

Any information/help is greatly appreciated.

05-24-2005, 03:34 PM
i stuck it out in western plaguelands and eastern plaguelands and did dire maul east runs for my last few levels. i doubt this is the most efficient way to level due to the horde issues you mentioned in the pl, but there is no shortage of mages trying to do dm east to get their lvl 60 water, and dm east does have some decent drops (like the staff off the elven boss) plus rare spawns in the arena to make it worth your while.

edit: dm north is doable starting around 58-59 and has some excellent loot as well.

05-24-2005, 04:01 PM
Thanks for the info update. I'll have to check out those areas and see if I can run with a mage to grind DM areas as I'm sure they'd be interested innervate and heals to help grind in there.

Since you do recommend the plaugelands, I'll see if I can maybe get some guildies to help deal with the horde issues.

What I'm still wondering though is do you find grinding or questing faster, and is the grind exp/hr about on par or too low for where I'm at for a level 57

05-24-2005, 04:15 PM
i've always preferred questing to grinding due to our low dps as you mentioned, though i've never scientifically compared which gave me more xp per hour. questing in andorhal in the pl would be the best of both worlds i think. there are several quests to be done in the city, and it is crammed full of mobs you could grind on for xp if you wished.