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06-06-2005, 09:02 PM
Had some time yesterday when my internet was down and wrote this walk-through:

Bovus’ Guide to the Temple of Atal’Hakkar
(aka Sunken Temple)

I decided to write this walk-through of ST to provide groups unfamiliar with the zone some information to make their time spent more enjoyable. ST has several boss mobs, and some minis which do not always drop loot. There are about 6 quests in relation to the zone for Horde, and many require pre-quests in other areas including Tanaris, Feralas, Zul’Farrak, the Hinterlands, Swamp of Sorrows, and Un’Goro Crater.

Group Information
Well balanced groups with an average of level of 52 should be able to clear the zone without tremendous difficulty. Higher level groups will do so more quickly. Level 50 is a good minimum for the zone. While a druid or higher level shaman could tank anything in the zone, some mob immunities to nature-based spells and sheer number of elites (fighting 4 at a time a few places) can make maintaining agro difficult for both these classes. While a warrior is not mandatory, it does make completing the zone quite a bit easier. Mages (as always it seems) are beneficial for polymorphing the living trolls and providing AE (area of effect damage spells). Warlocks can also AE effectively here with a good healer and the right talents, and can banish some of the elites in the basement. A Rogue can likewise sap living trolls, and has the highest single target dps in the game. Hunters can use freezing traps effectively to temporarily immobilize adds. Priests can shackle the undead mobs. One crowd control element which doesn’t work well here is Druid Hibernate. Two to three consecutive resists on the elite dragonkin are common, as is Hibernate breaking after only a few seconds. It is so unreliable I recommend Druids not attempt it.

I have completed ST (without a wipe) with a variety of groups. Only thing common to all was a warrior. Perhaps the most interesting group was myself (druid), a warrior and 3 shaman. From that, take it that while AE (from Mage or Warlock) and CC (crowd control) is beneficial, it is not required. As a restoration/balance spec’d druid, I could effectively heal the entire instance. On one or two runs, I used Innervate only on one occasion (though those groups were of an average level of 54-55 and had both a rogue and a mage/warlock). The one or two times I went with a priest, they stayed in shadowform nearly the entire instance while I main-healed.

Bosses and Loot
The key bosses are Atal’alarion (basement), Jammal’an the Prophet, Avatar of Hakkar, and Shade of Eranikus. The basement can be done without clearing any of the upper portion of the zone, and vice-versa. Doing everything will take an average group about 3-4 hours, perhaps longer depending on level. The basement can be done in 60-90 minutes, even by a low level group. The upper portion will take close to 3 hours depending on how fast you kill and your downtime.

Key loot is Crest of Supremacy (shield) from Eranikus, and kilt (cloth legs) from Prophet. Other popular items include Nightfall Drape (back with 14sta 5spi) from the dragons (sometimes 2 will drop, sometimes none), and several drops from the Avatar (Staff with 16 sta/spi and +dam and healing for spells – and leather Legs with 10 int/sta and 20 spi). The basement boss can drop a random type of bracer with random enchant, and the mini trolls can drop a random type of shoulder also with random enchant). Mini trolls are the only mobs that can be effectively stealth-soloed.

For Druid class-specific loot, see my post in the Equipment forum on . The topic is titled “ST – Druid Candyland”.

There is no “right and wrong” order to doing ST. However, some methods are less time-consuming and dangerous than others. For this example, I will post information about the basement first.

From the zone-in, take your first right. There will be a single roaming patrol, proceed down into the basement. There are a mix of elite snakes and elementals and non-elite grubs. Grubs are around lev 45 and though they con yellow, just kill any you come across because they are “social” with (will aid) other creatures. The "trash" mobs here drop collect items for the Bug Zapper quest. You will proceed into a large circular room. The object (altar) is safe to operate, and will complete the Inner Circle quest. It will also offer another quest (might have to operate a second time), to kill the boss here. Go around the circlular room clearing everything, including the mobs in the center water pool. Examine the altar again, and you will notice various corners of the room light up in a specific order. Make note of the order for future use. When I did it, the order was always the same: South, North, Southeast, Southwest, Northeast, Northwest. Leave the area and proceed back to the zone-in.

From the zone in, take the second most right turn (to the immediate right as you come up from the basment). You will likely encounter a 2-spawn of trolls, and then a patrol of 2 more with imps. Proceed down at first opporunity and you will be on the upper level above the circular room. Move around in one direction or another, killing everything in the hall and the rooms overlooking the center pool. Once everything is cleared, move one person to 5 of the 6 statues in the rooms overlooking the center. Light them in the correct order, and when the 6th is lit you can jump down to the walkway around the pool below. Atal’alarion should be spawned, with a large idol (idol might spawn after boss is killed, can’t remember for sure). Kill the boss, he is relatively easy and straightforward. Operate the idol to complete the quest, and receive a box of 3 uncommon items. All will be Bind on Pickup. You are done with the basement, and may proceed back the zone-in.

Upper Floors – Avatar, Prophet and Eranikus
The Avatar can be killed with little clearing. To do Eranikus, however, you must clear the upper floors and kill the Prophet first. The method I use for clearing, leaves little room for mistakes. A big mistake is failing to kill all dragonkin prior to enagaging Eranikus. He will summon them, and your group will wipe.

From the zone-in, take the furthest left – immediately across from you if you came up from the basement. It is a long, circular ramp. At the top will be a group of mobs, likely 2 elite dragonkin and several whelps. The caster dragonkin (Wyrmkin, iirc) will sleep party members, so have your shaman drop a Tremor Totem or have your Priest ready to dispell it. The whelps are non-elite and can be effectively AE’d. Tactics are up to you. Biggest things are to keep agro off your healer and keep your AE’er alive. Proceed straight ahead and you will see another group of dragonkin at the entrance to another large circular room. Kill that group. Head back downstairs to the zone-in.

Take the passage directly across from the zone-in (to your immediate left if you came from upstairs) and start fighting your way up. Troll spawns can be a mix of undead/living – Sap, Poly, Shackle are useful here, especially for lower level groups. Also, living trolls will run when low on health. Use a snare effect (crippling poison, hamstring, etc) or Curse of Recklessness to prevent getting another group pulled on you. The casters will occasionally Hex a party member (like mobs in Zul’Farrak). Dispell cures this, though I am unsure if the Tremor Totem will. At the landing you come to, you will see a side passage. This leads to a troll miniboss. There are 6 you have to kill to lower the shield in front of the Prophet’s area. Most of the time, these minis drop no uncommon/rare loot. After killing the mini, go back to the landing and proceed up the stairs. At the top, go around in direction or another. There are 2 or 3 solo patrolling mobs. Kill the groups in the hall, then go downstairs at each stairway and kill the miniboss the below. If you are unlucky and happen to wipe somewhere along here, note that the trolls and imps will respawn given enough time. The minis you kill stay dead. After all the minis have been killed, you will hear and see in chat the yell “the shield is down”.

From that point – look down to the floor below. You should now be able to jump down into the empty space where you cleared a group of Dragonkin on the north side of the chamber. If you don’t see the “shield is down” message, they work your way around the top again and find the mini-boss(es) you missed.

Work your way around the main chamber, killing all the dragonkin. There are a couple groups down two different side passages. One leads to 2 large dragons and Eranikus, the other to the prophet. Two other side passages will have Wind Serpent mobs. If you’re not doing the Avatar Hakkar / Egg event, you need not kill these.

Prophet of Atal’Hakkar
After clearing the dragonkin, I usually do the Prophet next. There is a side passage leading to his lair with 2 groups of dragonkin to kill. You will see a large rectangular room with groups of 3-4 elite trolls. Most are undead. The priests are living and can be sheeped. Pull the group at the immediate right or left with a ranged weapon. Some of these mobs fear, so be sure to pull the groups well back from the main room. You don’t want someone feared into the spawns. Some of the mobs spawn an invulnerable ghost when they die. The ghosts hit hard, cannot be damaged or killed, but move very slow and de-spawn after 10-15 seconds. Simply run away from the ghosts. Clear all mobs from the Prophet’s room.

Approach the Prophet and his second. Most groups kill the lower level mob first. If you have high dps, he will go down very fast. He usually drops a mace or 1H sword. The Prophet has 2 primary abilities. He will cast a totem that roots everyone which can be destroyed with a single hit. Also, he will curse one party member at a time. The curse is not curable, and will transform the person afflicted into a minion of the Prophet for a short time. If you get cursed, watch the timer on it and move away from everyone else as it gets low. Transformed, you will move very slowly like the ghosts you encountered clearing the room. Kill the Prophet and take his loot.

Moving back to the circular room, you will notice 2 dragons have spawned. Single-pull the smaller one (Weaver) first. These sometimes drop a blue item, but not usually. Pull Dreamscythe next and kill him. He has an AE breath, so ranged casters and hunters stand back. They are immune to most nature-based spells, including druid’s hibernate and faerie fire.

Egg event – Avatar of Hakkar
The quest leading to the egg is one of the most lengthy instance-related quests up to this point in character level. That said, it has excellent rewards including the Lifeforce Dirk (dagger with 11 sta) and a cloth head item about the same quality as drops from the Princess in Maraudon. The quest starts with the troll in Steamwheedle Port (Tanaris), who first sends you to Feralas, then to ZF for tablets, and finally to get the Egg from the elite troll city in Hinterlands.

You need either the Egg to do the event, or a scroll given to those who complete the quest by the troll in Tanaris. If you don’t have one of these, there’s nothing of interest for you here.

Go down one of the side passages of the main circular room and kill the wind serpent mob. There should be a couple of these to kill until you come to a large square room. Kill everything in the room, and get full mana/health/buffs for everyone. Put loot on Free For All and have 1 party member use the egg or scroll to summon the Avatar and start the event. The two doorways to the room will be closed by large gates. You have 3 mob types to deal with: non-elite snakes, an elite Wind Serpent, and elite dragonkin which will wander in through the gates as time goes on. Round up the snakes and AE them when possible. These will spawn continuously. As soon as you see a wind-serpent, put your main tank or offtank on it and kill it as soon as possible. It will drop one Blood of Hakkar. Have one person loot the blood run to the flames in the 4 corners of the room and extinguish them. This is why it is important to have loot on FFA – so anyone can loot the blood to put out the flame. Nightmare Suppressors (elite dragonkin) will wander into the room. Put a tank on them so your casters can AE and heal effectively. Drink and eat when possible between kills. Once the 4th Wind Serpent is killed and blood is looted, kill remaining elite dragonkin, and mana/heal up for the boss. Put out the last flame to spawn the Avatar. Once he is killed, the snakes and other mobs will stop spawning.

Be careful not to accidently loot Bind on Pickup items from the Avatar. If you still had FFA loot on, you will not get the normal dice display to roll on them. Simply have people state what they want/need, if anything, and /roll. The avatar can drop 2 rare, BoP items from one kill.

Shade of Eranikus
Once Dreamscythe and Weaver are dead, move into the last side passage off the main circular chamber. If you haven’t done so already, there will be one more group of elite dragonkin to kill. Clear those and you will see two more elite dragons (Hazzas and Morphaz). These are linked and cannot, to my knowledge, be single-pulled. Assign a tank/offtank to each while the rest of the group concentrates on killing one at a time. One or both of the dragons have a knockback effect which is very annoying. Kill them both.

Move further into the passage and you will see another large room with the Shade of Eranikus. Expect typical boss immunities (hibernate, stun, etc). The most annoying thing that Eranikus does is Sleep one person at a time. Tremor totem / dispell are very important for removing that as fast as possible. While he should, technically, not sleep the main tank (based on previous runs), more recently he seems to do that frequently. Off-tank as best as possible. If you wipe, its easy to run back to Eranikus again from the zone-in as the dragonkin you killed previously do not respawn. Kill Eranikus, and have all loot the gem-like object that starts a quest. Start the quest in the that room and take the gem to the left corner to complete. You will receive a trinket, Chained Essence of Eranikus.

As I noted previously, there are many different ways to clear the top level of ST. I prefer the method I outlined as it offers the lowest risk for missing a group of Dragonkin. If you did miss a group, he will summon them when around 50 percent health, and your group will wipe. Most commonly, people miss the group at the top of the circlular stair leading to the main chamber. This happens because they are hidden from view in the main room, and some groups like to move on to clear the troll minis immediately after the basment.

-edit- Added note that the Basement trash mobs drop collect items for the Bug Zapper quest.

06-06-2005, 09:12 PM
Nice guide. The only thing I noticed was the FFA loot for Hakkar -- when I've done that event, we did just fine keeping it on group loot, just had whoever's turn it was loot the blood.

06-06-2005, 09:16 PM
That works fine - but in pickup groups...

There's also the rare chance someone could get disconnected after a kill but prior to looting - then you're really in trouble.

06-07-2005, 09:49 AM
Thanks, Bovus. Excellent write up. I was just getting ready to organize a run here with my guild to finish up all these quests. This should help a lot.