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07-29-2005, 08:46 AM
Hey, i play on the Blackrock server as a Tauren Druid currently level 51 (nearly 52). I have changed my spec 4 times already.. my first spec wasnt really a spec at all... i was a newb back then and put my talent points all over the place, cant remember when but some time later i respecced again to just healing and balance with no feral.Then, i respecced to full restor which lasted a couple of days then i thought "what the hell is the point? all i can do is heal people". I did instance a bit but not all the time, my leveling is a mixture of everything. Then i respecced to a bit of everything.. people reccommended the..err.... i think it was something like 8/21/21 build. I respecced to that and its not that bad really because a druid is a bit of everything so you should have talent points in a bit of everything. The build so far isnt too bad and as a wise shadow priest lvl 45 said to me that beat me in a duel when i was lvl 49.." a druid is not a mage, you cant just stay there and moonfire spam or just blast em with spells" i thought that he was right because a druid with one balance spell can only do around half the damage a mage can with theirs. I carry around another set of items to give +str and +stam, was also wondering if the +agi does anything for feral forms? or only for weps. Atm i am wondering where to quest, and do not say searing gorge! i am never going back there ever! went there today.... ganked.....ganked.....ganked... etc etc.... i want to do some nice quests that require mostly grinding. I am also wondering what equips i should use as my main ones for questing and stuff? i am thinking i should probably use some feral ones. Please post on this thread any tips you may have to help me get to lvl 60 faster
Your help will be much appreciated!
Eltauro (Tauren Druid lvl 51)- Blackrock server

07-29-2005, 10:41 AM
At 51, the quest areas (besides SG) are:

Northern part of Blasted Lands (the collect quests)
Eastern Hinterlands (get flightpath at Revantusk Village)
Western Plaguelands
Un'Goro (get flightpath at Slithus)

If your server is dominated by another faction, you will find more safety running instances (Maraudon and ST at 51). If you're constantly ganked in SG, the other areas listed above will not be much better.

My opinion on talents - not much pvp benefit from Feral tree above Feral Charge. NS is great. OoC helps soloing by reducing downtime.