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08-08-2005, 12:14 PM
Im lookin to make up a thread of the best PvP stories that people have to offer, so, if you guys have some PvP stories that are reaaaaaally something, please post, cause reading other people PvP stories is really fun! Ill start us off!

Well, I was playing on my brothers char, Laserus, 43 WAR on Gurubashi. I was riding through Southshore on my brothers mount, along with his awesome lil siamese cat. I jumped off to buy some food, as directed by my brother, when I spotted something very alarming. While I was searching for the food my bro wanted, I saw a transparent figure sneaking up behind me. I quickly whipped out (henceforth as mine) my Ravager and charged the Rogue, I was quickly alerted to the presense of about 10 other red names mingled with the same amount of greens outside the building I was in. I dispatched the 30 rogue with ease, didnt even have a chance, and I went outside to join the battle. It went on for a good 10 minutes, where I died twice. Eventually, the horde broke away and retreated. I mounted up along with the Southshore defenders and chased, and then stopped short of the river by about 50 yards.

I saw a lvl 22 mage just standing there, alone. At first I was llike, heh ez kill, so I changed to my sword and shield. when, I got a strange feeling in my gut. So, I got closer to the mage and shot off a flare, sure enough there was a ?? Rogue waiting, I knew it would be a one sided fight, so I mounted up and ran off, but was quickly intercepted by two ?? warriors, one Tauren, and one Orc, needless to say, I fought valiantly, but in the end I was murdered.

Not the most amazing story ever, but I thought it was pretty good.


08-08-2005, 12:54 PM
Not much to say... usually pick off targets, FF and heal as needed.

Did have a lv 60 shaman attack a lv 45 guard the other night so I killed him. He kept attacking the guard and was almost dead when he tried to run. I am guessing he couldn't figure out how the guard was doing so much damage to him and didn't bother looking behind himself. The fact that his totems dissappeared as soon as he cast them should have been a clue.

On the other hand, when playing my lv 40 Tauren Hunter, I had a lv 60 NE druid kept griefing him and any other low levels outside the Battlegrounds while waiting for a group. Twice I was able to FD till he left but he killed me 3 times just by spamming me with Moonfire. Then he would run from the guards. A lv 60 priest did get him once when he attacked me but he refused to come near when she was present after that. Unfortunately she didn't stay very long. He would sneak up to just in range, hit moonfire then run. I guess he was working on his "Honor" Stats.

08-08-2005, 03:24 PM
i dont have any really amazing stories...but there was this one time where i saw a lvl 60 warrior getting owned by two 50 something rogues. I think i was only around lvl 40. Just as the warrior was about to die i get in range and use natures swiftness + Most powerful healing touch. I then proceed to hide in some bushes so the two rogues dont spot me healing. It was pretty funny to see the warrior dispatch the two rogues with ease while i constantly kept his health up. After the first rogue died i used my shrink ray on the remaining one...somehow it hit and actually worked :lmao: . This was in ashenvale so there are lots of bushes and things to hide in off the road. Was pretty fun i thought...was my first time saving a lvl 60's butt...but it wouldnt be the last =P. :ange: