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09-08-2005, 11:13 PM
This is written for someone that has the shadowforge key and has completed the Love Potion Quest in the bar and is lvl 60(lower lvls might agro from further).

Enter BRD, go through the gate to your left, then the gate to your right and then the door to your left, all require the shadowforge key. When you open the door, go to stealth form and sneak forward (not up the stairs) activate the big gear device. To activate it, stand as far back and to the right as possible before you unstealth. I have successfully activated it here many times without agro-ing the nearby mobs.

Now go back to stealth and go up the stairs in the same room, be careful to stay as far as possible from any fire elementals that you see. They have a fire shield that will unstealth you if you et too close. Go to your left and all the way down the hallway. Keep going the only way you can really go until you get to the room with 2 sets of stairs that go down. Go down the stairs to your right and then take a right through the goblin workshop. Sneak past the fire elementals on the bridge and you'll eventually hit the Bar.

You can unstealth in the bar. Talk to Mistress Nagmara and ask her to take her lover out back(only works if you completed love potion quest). This will leave the door open. Go back to stealth and go out the door she just opened. Sneak half way around the room and take a left. You should eventually get to a room with Ambassador Flamelash. Along the back of this room is a ledge overlooking a bunch of lava. Go to the northern most ledge.

Unstealth at the ledge. You should be able to see an island to the north and a bridge behind it. The island is your goal. I put on my volcanic chest and legs, druid trinket and MoW for fire resist (not sure if made a difference). Then I cast a regrowth on myself, switched to cat form, hit sprint, and ran and jumped into the lava. I switched to caster form and would stop to cast regrowth again twice when my health would get to about 1/3.

When you get to the island, if you stand far to the southwest, you should be able to not get agro unstealthed. Recoup your mana and health here. Now look north again and you should see a ramp to North that goes underneath the big bridge on the left side. Go back to stealth and sneak past the elementals on the island and swim to that ramp. It is a quick swim and I started it in stealth. If you can do get to the island, you can do this part. When you get to the ramp, go back to stealth.

Circle around to your left and go across the big bridge that was overhead (not the little one). You'll have to sneak by a few elementals at each side of the bringe. When you get to the end, you'll see the portal to MC. Grab the rock and you're done. I've heard that if you are in a raid, you can jump into the instance and it will port you to the quest giver outside BRD. I instead goofed around, got killed and turned in after running back.

Most people get this done by conventional means, but this is written for those who are never online when their friends are doing BRD runs, people who hate BRD from doing the escort quest so many times, or people who just like to do things in stealth sometimes (I'm all 3 :P). I'm very grateful for other walkthroughs here and just wanted to give back, no matter how small.

I know there are ways to get the bar door open without the love potion quest. I've done the quest, so I can't write about those strategies, cause I've never done them solo.

I wrote this at work, where all the good sites(besides this one) are fire walled. Almost all this is from memory, so it could be slightly off.

I credit Rubix with giving me the initial idea of getting to MC in stealth. However he took a different route. I got the route from a helpful rogue here

There are other walkthroughs for this, but I didn't see any here.

Feel free to correct any mistakes I made, or let me know how I could word anything better. It's a little long winded, but hopefully it will avoid questions.

09-23-2005, 07:54 AM
Good write up...I managed this last weekend, and really, once you get the jumping across the lava part down, the the whoel thing is a walk in the park.
However, I would probably recommend some fire protection potions, and/or Major healing potions just for the lava swim...600+ damage a turn tends to add up REAL quick.
Oh, and to edit, I did this at 58, and also ran the Lover's quest for the Bar as well, to get access to the rest of BRD. You can also solo that as well in Azhara, at least the giants, and can be done rather quickly.

01-12-2006, 11:18 AM
I just want to say that I tried to accomplish this but got stuck at the lava swimming. I needed to get to the Black Forge (not the Black Anvil) to craft my Smoking Heart of the Mountain trinket. It's about 30 feet from the MC attunement crystal. I tried to down a Greater Fire Protection Potion, wait 2 minutes (potion cooldown), put up both HoTs on myself, then swim in sea lion form. I got to the other side ok, but I agro'd a fire elemental when I got there and couldn't handle myself. More fire resist would have definately helped there. I eventually got a group for it and got my trinket. After you make both quick swims and go up the ramp under the bridge, the Forge is guarded by one or two fire elementals that should be soloable or stealthable. To get to MC, cross the bridge you just went under. Once you touch the attunement crystal, zone into MC, then ZONE OUT of MC to get to the quest giver.

01-16-2006, 01:26 PM
A group of ten 55-60 can zerg run this part in about an hour. If you spam that you are zerging the black forge/MC attunement it shouldn't be too hard to pick up a raid.