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09-26-2005, 10:49 AM
Since I am here at work, and can't really access everything I thought I would start a thread that others could look at for straight info. This is not meant to be a discussion on the value of PvP or how rogues are tough at low levels etc. Just straight factual information. If this gets deleted because its someplace else, I understand, but I didn't see it here when I searched for it.

What are the different PvP ranks, how many HK are needed to move up in rank, and what are the rewards available for the ranks?


09-26-2005, 11:18 AM
I'm with you man, we need a special forum. =)

09-26-2005, 03:20 PM
The first problem is there's no clear answer to "how many HK's do you need to get rank X?" Your rank is determined by your honor vs. the entire pool of honor on your server... and if the pool isn't big enough, certain high ranks aren't even achieveable. Like on my server, Uther (pve), there isn't a High Warlord (rank 14) on the Horde side.

Rank 1 - Tabard
Rank 2 - Insignia Trinket
Rank 3 - heavy hp cloak
Rank 4 - heavy hp neck
Rank 5 - heavy hp bracer
Rank 6 - Officer's quarters and you can buy combat potions
Rank 7 - Boots and Gloves (parts 1 and 2 of set)
Rank 8 - Chest and Legs (Part 3 and 4 of set)
Rank 9 - Battle Standard
Rank 10 - Helm and Shoulders (Part 5 and 6 of set)
Rank 11 - Black Epic Mount (only 90g)
Rank 12 - Epic Chest, legs and boots (part 1-3 of set)
Rank 13 - Epic helm, shoulder and gloves (part 4-6 of set)
Rank 14 - The most bad-ass staff this side of Dolomite's pimp cane.

All the druid stuff is called Dragonhide... here's a thott link

The best way to advance in the rank game is ofcourse in BG's and playing for the win. I see people talk about getting HK's and camping for kills... winning quick for bonus honor is the best way to advance tho'.

If your dedicated, getting to rank 6 for the officer's quater access shouldn't be too hard. Rank 6 is a little like level 40... things start to slow down some, but g'luck.

09-26-2005, 03:48 PM
Excellent, thank you. Also, do you loose points when you loose in a BG. Or just not gain any while others gain?

What I mean is, if I ran a BG over and over again. Lost every time. Would I possibly end up lower ranked than before, or just not gain any rank?

Thanks again for the info,

09-26-2005, 03:51 PM
you still gain cps from losing a bg, you just don't gain as many. i am fairly certain that you still gain reputation from losing as well, but not nearly as much here either.

09-26-2005, 03:53 PM
Even if you do nothing but lose, you'll gain honor. The bonus honor in AB is determined by how much resources you gather during the battle. After running AB enough to be half-way to revered with the Defilers, I've only seen maybe 3 or 5 alliance teams walk away with no bonus honor.. but atleast they lost in 6-7 minutes.

They added a bonus honor for losing in WSG last patch'... but I havn't WSG'ed since to find out how much honor it is exactly.

As a side note, in the game current design for ranking it's next to impossible for people under 50 to achieve decent rankings. I've read they want or plan to change that... but to my knowledge 1.7 didn't change anything.

09-26-2005, 04:01 PM
Excellent. I am good for now. Way to low level to start thinking seriously about that stuff, but I passed a Master Chief yesterday and I got title envy. I want a title. Then he busted out his mount and left me in the dust. I hate being slow. So I gain honor by participating, gain more honor by winning, and the most honor by winning quickly. What about individual kills. Does anything result from an individual PvP kill? I know you get dishonor points by killing certain quest NPC's and much lower level pc's, but other than the fun, is there a reward to killing an opponent?


09-26-2005, 04:12 PM
of course you get honor for simply killing a member of the opposing faction, the honor system did exist before bgs came out :). however, the honor you get from killing another player is subject to diminishing returns: once you've killed a player 5x in a day, getting less honor each time you do it, you receive no more contribution points for killing that player.

the honor you get for killing another player is related to how much damage you do to that player, that player's level, rank, etc. Let's say all players equal to you in rank and level are worth 100 pts, and you kill one of these players by yourself, you would get 100 pts of honor first time. if that player is a healer and heals themselves during the fight, then you get more points because you are doing more total damage to the player to kill them. by extension, you also get honor points just for healing members of your own faction who are engaged in pvp. if you do not kill the player you are fighting, no matter if their life is at 1% or 99%, you get no honor from that fight.

if you are in a party and your party member(s) are close to you, but not actually engaged in the fight, they receive honor just as they would receive xp for being in proximity to mob slaying. regardless of which one of you in the party did all the dmg/healing in the fight, you each receive an equal split of the total honor points earned in the fight.