View Full Forums : Shammys...Interrupt spell, axe, etc=almost impossible

10-19-2005, 05:12 PM
:mad2: Im a lvl 30 druid, love pvp, been on it since lvl 20, im a saegeant and always find out the same thing about shammans...THEY ARE HARD AS HELL!!!, I consider the shammys the stongest to beat in a 1v1 they can interrupt spell, plus they can hit very har with axe, so that means u cant almost heal, can somebody help me out with a strategy?

10-19-2005, 07:23 PM
Bear form => Feral Charge , chase their ass down. Let them be the one running from you. in PVP feral charge is huge bonus. if you're not feral 11points, Use moonfire kill the grounding totem. cheetah away from them root+nuke works fine. Root + starfire works great. Keep your ass healed. their ranged dps is crap. Plan for them to use their frostcrap +stunspell every 30sec or so. Sheer numbers, lvl, gear, and a little bit of actual skill. but the rare chance you're one on one versus someone in your lvl range.
get Quuspellalert from so when it says casting Lesser Healing wave or some other crap you can Bash/stun them.