View Full Forums : Please Read Before Posting - Guest, Lurkerz, and Login Issues.

Sobe Silvertree
11-10-2005, 01:05 PM
This Forum is open to Guest (AKA: Lurkerz) that are trying to register. The purpose of this forum is an attempt to help those that are trying to log in, or post to the regular forums.

What I need from you before I can help.

1. The Username that you registered under.

- From there I will verify the IP address from this post to the IP you registered under and then Email you directly.

- If you put in an invalid address by mistake, a military address, or an address that you suspect the local spam killer is eating our registration emails, I will send from a different email address that will get through.

2. Patience, I will take each request with the same care that I do all members of the Grove.

Only "Non-Registered or Awaiting Email Confirmation" - Moderators and Admin see these forums. All Post are moderated so after you post, you will not see it right away. Just assume that its posted.

Please Email directly if you do not want to use this forum at - just make sure I can send you email back.

Thank you,