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11-18-2005, 03:57 PM
Since I've finally settled down, I am going to start making some long-term plans as far as professions go. Let me know what you think, and about how long it would take playing casually (3 Hours Weekday, 6 Hours Weekend Day)

1. Start with skinning/mining for quick money at early levels.
2. Once I have a lot of money saved up, drop skinning for enchanting and work on bringing it up to 235 for my smoking heart of the mountain.
3. Do my best to enchant stuff for my alts, then drop enchanting for either engineering if I find myself enjoying a little BG PvP action, or drop them both for Herb/Alchemy for PvE. I like having the extra pots and whatnot no matter what class I've played, and they only get better.

What are your thoughts? Am I missing any other important items that can be made and are BoP? I should note that my priest is a tailor/enchanter, my hunter is a skinner/leatherworker, and my warrior is a Herb/Alchemist. My druid will totally be my main, but the basic combines, like low level armor and low level pots, and bags are available through my alts.


11-20-2005, 12:50 PM
There are few crafted items in the game worth speccing a profession for. I'm glad I have a leatherworker, since I've made some items for myself (mostly hunter alt) and guildies and friends. While Tribal Leatherworking pretty much sucks, LW in general is still great for getting high end enchanting mats (Illusion Dust and GEEs). Craft item, mail to enchanter alt for DE.

IIRC - the smoking heart of the mountain requires engineering to equip. I could be wrong though.

You forgot to mention the single best reason to go with Engineering - Teleport Gadgetzan (Gnomish Engineering). While it's great now with Slithus as it is, it will get better when the quests in the zone are expanded, AQ opens, and Caverns of Time with the expansion.

Herbalism is a huge moneymaker at level 60. Since the only potion I regularly consume is Major Mana - I just farm the herbs on my rogue and have someone do the combine (never completed Scholo chain on my rogue for the recipe). Of course, all server economies are different and subject to change. On my server currently, Dreamfoil is going for about 15-18g per stack of 20.

11-22-2005, 11:40 AM
IIRC - the smoking heart of the mountain requires engineering to equip. I could be wrong though.

It is more take Enchanting to create it (it bind as soon you creat it). But you don't need enchanting to equip it.

Engeneering can be a good tradeskill to know as it give acces to some special ability that druid don't have. But forget any idea of making money of it. And the transponder to Gadgetzan is gnome specialization.

Outside of smithing and tailloring (outside of making bags), every tradeskill can add to a druid.