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11-22-2005, 10:19 AM
There is quite a lot of talk about level 60 end talent specs but what there is usually not enough of is which talents to spec first.

When I first made my druid I went with the resto spec so I could be more of a healer in instances since they are always lacking. However, seems like the most effective exp is to just to grind grind grind. Well my talents are kind of useless atm due to the fact that I am always in cat form and not healing. Also, when ever I end up in an instance run 90% of the time I am in cat form anyway cuz priests get pissy when I use regrowth and rejuv since it is messing up their healing.

I do not have a regular group since I am the only person in my circle of people that play the game (they think I am nuts for playing so much).

My end spec is going to be 30feral and 21 resto for the PVP spec. 0000310000

My current talents are spent thusly 0000300000

If I respec I plan to go this route 0000000000

Then as level up finish my feral spec and by 60 have the resto done. Could you please give me some advice on which to go with? I have respec twice already so this one should be 10g now and big price.

Remember this is not a question of end spec but a How to spend your points as your level question.

Ty vm
Ordus 28 Cat Druid (what is a heal?)

11-22-2005, 02:54 PM
u have 19 points to spend if u respec, and id do it the hard way, thus leaving aside all feral-speccing and spec the resto and balance 'feral'-points first, like this: 0000000000

this way, u get the indispensable naturegrasp-specs, u spend less mana from shapeshifting, u do alot more damage by choosing natural weapons, u get Furor which is inevitable if u wanna be an efficient feral-druid from the combat's start, and lastly, id go for Feral aggression first, tho u can, imo, also choose ferocity.

11-23-2005, 04:17 AM
Answered this in your other thread:
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