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12-07-2005, 12:36 PM
So the Swiftness Potion recipe dropped for me the other day which was the final straw I needed to switch from LW/skin to Herb/Alch. I was wondering if any of the experienced Alchemists out there could post what they remember from their skill-up path. I'm level 22, Alliance (god I miss Warstomp), and have 51 Herb/45 Alch skill at the moment, so I am just about ready to break into the pots using second tier mats (mageroyal, briarthorn, swiftthistle, etc). I haven't seen a really good alchemy skill up (I admit I haven't looked much), but there seem to be many more for tailoring/LW/engineering etc


12-07-2005, 02:10 PM
Im 300 herb and close to 300 alch right now on one toon, and 225 / 225 on another (I want to have 2 alchemists at 300 for my guild - arcanite transmute has a couple day cooldown, and the smiths always need that stuff :)), and it has been a great profession. I don't really remember
what I did to lvl up, other than buying new recipies from the trainer whenever they were available and only creating the red/orange ones.

One thing that worked really well for me was when I was questing in darkshore / wetlands was to gather all the herbs that I can (earthroot, briarthorn, swifthistle, mageroyal at first), and then take them back to the trainer in darnassus, and then create pots there. Reason for this is that you can have the alch trainer window open, so that while you are creating pots and ur alch skill is increasing, you can see which new recipies to buy. Buy new recipies as soon as you can, and make them until another is available. This is the fastest route to lvl alchemy.

Be sure to have ample bag space. You are going to make a lot of useful pots - I had about 4 on me at all times. +str +armor +health/sec and +intel, and in addition to having all the pots on you, you will have herbs, and some pieces of your alternate gear (i.e. feral / caster gear). I have one 12 slot bag full of gear, one 12 slot full of pots, one 12 slot full of herbs, and one 12 slot filled with random quest items. Really only leaves me my backpack for dropped items >,<. Alch is a great way to make friends too - I'd group with people, and give them some pots, and they would love me.

I have the swiftness potion recipie as well. Mages need swiftness pot for a quest of theirs, and are always buying them. I gave a few to some random mages, and from then on out they were always buying mana and health pots from me.

Also, its really helpful to lvl your fishing talents with alchemy. A bunch of recipies need oil regents, which are created from fish. And deviates sell for a pretty penny too :)

12-07-2005, 03:56 PM
On my tauren shaman I have alch/herb and what I did was make an alt and just mail everything to that alt because I had a ton of herbs and a ton of pots after the combines. The herbs I mailed I just logged in the alt and returned everything, which makes it all go back to the sender immediately. The alt was located in Org so I mostly put the spare pots up on the AH.

Early on there are a few easy recipies like mana pots and healing pots you can skill up a ton on.

12-08-2005, 06:05 AM
I've actually found Alchemy quite easy to skill up since (if you start early in your career) you can use a large portion of the potions that you are making, especially after you get over the lesser healing potion hump. I've skilled up (to 225 so far) a lot making mostly healing and mana pots. Healing potions are nice when you are soloing since they will save you if leave the self heal too long. You can down a potion and then heal normally.
Lesser defense potions sell quite well because they are used in a LW recipe so that is a option to make a little gold along the way.
I also made sure to save all the sharpened claws and Large fangs that I found to make rage potions. Warriors in your group forever love you if you give them a few of those.

I also think that druids are well suited for alchemy because prowl + soothe animal + hibernate = Easy to farm a herb node without having to clear the area. At least most of the time.

12-29-2005, 11:55 AM
Hi all first post here =)

I started my Herb/Alch prof late in the game at 21 (23 now). However I found a very quick solution to lvl up to 100 Herb / 80 alch. Go to Darnassus, leave outa the main entrance and take a right. Down near the pools of A______ and the lake down there, there are TONS of herbs. I got to 100 in herb in under 15 mins, which also brought by alch to 80. As well killing the timberlings usually results in an herb drop.Hope this helps, and nice to meet everyone.

01-03-2006, 11:58 PM
Go to Darnassus, leave outa the main entrance and take a right. Down near the pools of A______ and the lake down there, there are TONS of herbs.
Oooooh, you made my alt very happy.

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01-08-2006, 10:36 AM
I started kinda wierd, i had low skills in herbalism and prety high in alchm. so when i lvl up'd in alchemy i went to AH, cus my herbalism skill was usually too low for the thing i needed, now Im close to Arcanite Transmute :)
Dont choose this way, could cost you much :P