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12-14-2005, 11:01 PM
Okay. . .so with 6 bars to go until 60, I sat down this morning trying to decide where to grind it out. My decision wound up being Un'Goro on the fire elementals as I need essence of fire for my MC tanking stuff (volcanic leggnigs). I wasn't there but about 30 minutes when a 60 pally shows up geared in epics. I stealthed right up beside him while he was fighting something, then popped out, waved, saluted, then started to walk away. At that point he hammers me and it begins. For the next ten minutes the pally and I go through a series of healing hourselves and beating the piss out of eachother. I tried varied methods of getting in the extra damage before he heals. I abused Faerie Fire Feral to get him to continually cleanse himself, which keeps him busy and unable to do other things. There were several bashes where I shifted out to heal, but there were times when I had a bash ready and was nowhere near needing to heal. Those were the points where I waited until he went to heal the bashed. Most times, I just bashed and kept tearing him up, but there were a few times where I experimented with switching to cat form to get in some combo points and try to tear him up before he got off a heal. The point is that I got sick of this and finally decided to just sprint down the mountain. I lived through the encounter, but was extremely peaved at wasting 10 minutes with NO CONCLUSION.

I went back, and did the same process, waited until he was in combat, waived at him, and saluted. This time he took the time to salute back. He didn't touch me then or for the rest of the time that both of us were grinding there. (Finally hit 60, and was 5 minutes late for work)

But my question is this:
If I am geared out in blues and greens, WTF is up with the Pally in Epics a level above me that can't whomp me down? Do pallies suck that bad? Or am I that powerful/skilled? I have a 0/41/10 spec, leaving out only the reduced shred cost in the Feral tree, picking up both the feral oriented talents in the Resto tree. My gear is mostly tooled for bear form. I have 6.2k armor and 5.4k HP with 3k mana and 300 Def. If I am like this with 6.2k armor, will people even be able to touch me at 12-16k? Furthermore, is there any way to kick a pallies rectal oraphus? Those bastages are like the dang Energizer bunny.

12-15-2005, 04:32 AM
No, pallies dont suck.
Yes, mebbe you are a wonder.

good pallies are very hard, but so are good druids. what im saying is that this classbalancing thing really is a fake issue because playerqualities vary so much.

12-15-2005, 08:53 AM
depending on how a pally is specced, they will never beat me (or at least have not so far). However, based on their spec, it depends on wether or not i can beat them. Fighting a paladin as a druid is like fighting another druid. It will go on forever :/

12-16-2005, 07:03 PM
Awesome, thanks for the input. Not that the fight wasn't interesting, because it was. . .but I saw it was never going to end, so I ran.