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01-01-2006, 10:25 AM
Hello all.

Being level 56 now but I still consider my druid is still weak. It is in 5/32/10 build now.

I had a few challenges with a friend on our guild. My druid was level 54 and he was level 58 by then.

I have discovered that I have a hard time fighting him.

I have tried to open the fight in both cat and bear forms. a) While in cat form, I had succeeded tear down his shield but I was psychic screamed and left with less than half of my hp. I clear the scream with HOTA but I was silent when I shifted back to caster form. Which I could not heal myself and forced to continue the fight with bear form and try to stun him while I was nearly ran out of hp.

b) While in bear form, I didn't did even tear his shield down before I was screamed. Similar result that I was silent and left with half the hp after being screamed. I was force to continue the fight with bear. When I finally teared down his shield and stunned him, I was nearly ran out of hp.

In either case a) or b) I don't have much time left. The only spells I have time to do is just Regrowth and rejuvante . The fight continued with I was in feral forms. Unfortunately, the priest was still in nearly full heal. I ended up nowhere but lost the fight.

Could you enlighten me on strategies on how to take out a (shadow) priest? Thanks a ton.

01-01-2006, 01:57 PM
I find against all 3 of the major fear'n classes, Warlocks, Priests and Hunters, I use the range they provide against them. None of them fear you and then try and stay in melee range... they fear you and try and stay at max range. A quick cheeta form and run outta range for a heal... little trickier in Duels, but do it well and people will complain that it's cheap ;)

54 vs. 58 is also a tough for level gap... he might have a significant gear advantage... just somthing to ponder. I was wearing alot more green items at 54... 58 was a much blue'r gear set.

G'luck and keep in mind 30feral/21resto is a much stronger duel'n build if that's what really matters to you (I'm 35resto myself atm)... NS heals are great. Priest duels do come down to a bit of an outlasting/mana battle type match in my experience, so having some int/spirt gear instead of all out melee is also a good idea.

01-01-2006, 06:55 PM
Although I might get range on a priest or warlock, I would not get range on a hunter.

Many if not most high level hunters have the extra 6 yard range from their talent points in markmanship which will give them about a good 41 yards. The hunter and the pet (if not hibernated) will still be hurting you while you run away (slowly because of reduced speed due to concussion shot) to heal and while you are healing.

01-02-2006, 12:38 AM
Rockwell, thanks for your tips.

Yes, I should conside running away for healing.

I agree that Nature's Swiftness is very important but it does not help playing against silence though.

I made my current choice while I was in a lower level (around 40). At that time I thought that the Natural Shapeshifter was much more critical as I often ran out of mana for form shiftings alone. Though I haven't invested any talent on Natural Shapeshifter yet.

Now having nearly 4k mana max, 30% reduction in shifting mana seems less important now. I may respec the talent tree again after another long deep thought.

But it would be a tough call for giving up Nature's Grasp and Leader of the Pack for Nature's Swiftness. Especially Nature's Grasp is the only spell that can help me run away from a gang of hordes with a hunter among them. Let me rethink about it again...