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01-03-2006, 02:57 AM
Hey I am new to Druid and have some questions to ask ^^. On PvP btw

1st I hear heaps of people talking about a Bear build or something like that. I was wondering that with that build does it mean that you use Bear as primary and change form to heal?
2nd Cant you be Caster and when someone is close range Change to bear form? I hear people all the time saying you can only be 1 and from what I have heard if I want to be Bear why dont i just become warrior or Pally(healing)?
3rd is the Feral Talent tree really useless? lots of people saying so

Thanks in advance This would be a great help :wiggle:

EDIT: 4th Also do you even need other forms? is pure caster/healer anygood?

As you can see I have no idea about anything to do with druid :S

01-03-2006, 03:25 AM
The thing about druids, no matter how you spec, you will use all of your forms. The class is meant to adapt to any situation. I'll try and answer your questions the best I can.

1) A bear build means that you talents are focused more on using bear form. It could mean that you use bear form mainly and just switch out to heal, that all depends on your play style, which you will figure out as you play the character.

2) Yes, you can pretty much start and end a fight however you want. Some people play there druids that way, getting in a couple spells to pull and finish them off in bear to soak up the melee damage. And if all you want to do is tank, then a warrior might be a better option for you. I would play the druid at least up to 20 or 30, when you get more forms before you make that decision though.

3) The feral tree is far from useless. It is arguably (spelling?) the best tree to specialize in for lvling. Feline Swiftness is only in the 3rd tier of the feral tree and its a 30% movement increase available as early as lvl 22 plus 4% dodge chance. Feral Charge, Heart of the Wild, Leader of the Pack, predatory strikes comes to mind atm as really awesome talents in the feral tree, and thats after being up for 14 hours at work, there are lots of good talents to choose from. But feral may not be for you, its all about trying everything the druid has to offer and choosing what you like best.

Hope that helped :)

01-03-2006, 07:13 AM
You will hear some druids say, Im a cat druid or im a bear druid, or a caster druid but in my opinion a good druid uses all of there forms, especially in pvp. You will end up carrying a lot of gear around so you can switch it in and out as you evaluate your next task. right now I have 3 sets ups.
Cat gear for dps that gives me 1100 atk power and 22% to crit.
Bear gear for tanking or in BG's for flag carrying or defense which gives me 10k armor and 5600 hps (7k with battle standard out.)
Caster gear which gives me over 7k mana for when i need to play healer.

If you are wanting to be a straight up tank or dpser all the time you might consider a warrior or rogue. A resto druid is a very solid choice if you want to be a full on healer.

If you are looking for a diverse class that can do all three well then you will like the druid. You may not be "the best" at any given job, however a well played druid is quite impressive.

Feral tree is far from useless. Im a 14/32/5 spec feral druid that pvps alot and I do quite well. Feral charge is an awesome skill to have for pvp.

You cant really go wrong no matter which tree you decide to go down because all 3 are quite viable in pvp and pve. Just remember that you will have alot of different skills no matter which tree you go down so use them all. you will know when to use what skill as you gain experience.

60 NE druid
Feral spec.

01-03-2006, 06:04 PM
Train every spell whenever you can, and learn every form as soon as you can. There is a lot of good advice about talents here that you can find pretty easily (try the spells and talents section), so I will not rehash those.

Good druids use every tool at their disposal. There are not too many spells or abilities that I can think of that come from talents, other than feral charge and insect swarm. Its pretty easy to spec into both of those. You will undoubtably spend a lot of time soloing, so try out different playstyles. One good way to use caster and bear together is to cast a wrath to pull, then cast regrowth and rejuv on yourself, then go into bear. regrow + rejuv + bear = almost invulnerable for about 8 sec.

01-03-2006, 10:52 PM
cool thanks for the help. What do you guys think of this build for feral(bear) / Balance 0000000000

01-04-2006, 01:25 AM
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