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01-10-2006, 06:00 PM
There seems to be some extremes in the way a druid is looked at and what they are good for.

One extreme is a druid is a primary healer and that's what they are good for (ex. lf priest or druid).

On the other hand when looking into the world of warcraft forums there seems to also be the idea that druids are very difficult, overpowered, or 'like gods' at level 60.

Why primary healer AND very hard to beat?

It almost seems that when a druid is not focused on healing something or someone (besides themselves) they become rather powerful.

01-11-2006, 09:27 AM
Druids do in fact make an excellent main healer that much is true. However druids are not overpowered. That being said a well played druid can truely kick ass.

A skilled druid in good gear can do alot of things if they use all of their skills and thats what alot of people dont realize. All they see is a druid kicking their arse, they dont really notice all the differnt things the druid is doing to acheive the arse kicking.

I think that alot of people still dont realize just how different a druid is from any other class. A druid has different froms for a reason and thats because in most cases you have to use 2 or more forms to be effective in pvp. Sure their are times when a druid can rip someone apart and never leave caster or cat from but most of the time you will need to shift at some point.

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01-11-2006, 09:57 PM
They say we're over-powered because they see a healing/ caster class and expect us to be squishy. Then they try to take us on and we switch into a world of feral hurt.

Last night I was in WSG, and the only Hordie we were chatting about was a druid that seemed to be everywhere (saw us coming with track humanoids), popped out of stealth to kill without warning, ran down our flag carriers and in cheetah, and generally was a real awesome PvPer.

01-22-2006, 02:00 AM
It is a question I'm struggling with myself.

I originally picked druid because of the a different way than other people may see it as.

Truth is, I like sneaking around, I like DPS, but other times, I don't feel too safe to get in up close and personal with mobs, so I want to blast. Other times, the mob hits really hard and I wish I was a warrior or paladin. That and it really helps if you can lend a hand to keep people (including yourself) alive.

y true desire lies in the feral side of the druid. Yeah, some people argue that, "if you want DPS, make a rogue. If you want to tank, make a Warrior, etc." I know I'm not the best at DPS or Tanking, but I'm pretty darn good for second. I love the fact that I can pull with starfire, start DOT with moonfire, root them, hit myself with rejuv/regrowth, shift into cat form and rip them a new one with faerie fire (feral) and a bunch of DOTs. If I need to heal, I like the fact that I can shift to bear, stun them, turn into cheatah, run a good distance away, cast entangling roots on them, then heal with HT or one of the others healing spells. To finish things off, Dire Bear, enrage, Frenzied regen and take the hits until I'm the one left standing (if it comes to that).

Or, I have the flexibility to sneak up behind them, stun/dot or hit them really really really hard :elfbiggri and take them down before they knew what happened. In other words, I love the melee options with some CC/HEAL/Blast thrown in there.

BUT, people often want to group with me as me being healer. Right now, I'm level 41 with a 0/25/6 spec (the extra point in natures focus was a little misplaced maybe) and really want to end up with a 0/41/10 to become this incredible feral fighter. However, it's not acceptable to others in the game. Anyone who hasn't played a druid thinks "druid"="priest in leather that thinks he's a rogue."

On the other side of it, I am making a priest for the specific purpose of being the main healer so I can fill that side of the game. As far as my main (Druid) I feel like I'm going to be forced into plucking out 10G for a respec near end game just to be part of high end dungeons.

Does anyone else get this feeling, or am I alone here?

01-22-2006, 11:11 AM
It's tough. To really go feral, I think you need a good guild that accepts non conventional builds. The problem isn't so much that players think "druid = healer," as that there are usually a ton of rogues, hunters, etc. looking for groups, and not so many priests, druids... possibly shamans, paladins looking (and shamans and paladins in pickup groups seem to go more toward damage than healing anyway).

So generally what pickup groups will be looking for / lacking is healing. I think that, more than anything, is what results in all the negativity toward feral / balance druids.

01-22-2006, 12:06 PM
We're good at healing but a priest is better, we're good at DPS but a rogue is better, we're good at taking damage but a warrior is better.

We're very flexible and can fit into just about any situation a group needs. As mentioned above most groups need healers. So that's the role we will most often be asked to play.

Right now I'm pretty feral spec'd but come end game I will probably respec towards something more healing oriented as I KNOW that healers will be sorely needed.

I am one of 2 higher lvl Durids in my guild and we both are often the ones requested for groups both for healing and damage dealing. Yes, the warriors are there as are the rogues, but when you can go sneaky sneaky around an area to scout with the rogue, then shift to bear to tank so the rouge doesn't get his arse handed to him while healing yourself with a frenzied regen, there's just so much we can do people that don't have druids just don't get it.

01-22-2006, 02:17 PM
The stuck in healer thing bugs me - I'm sure it bugs alot of druids.

Here is a problem that this game has: Many people on many of the servers have been there and done that.

They don't really need a druid for versatility because they know how many mobs are in the next room. They know how to pull and know the warnings signs to avoid all 'oh no situations' where a druid is needed to be versatile.

Therefore - we get the healer role.

If there were some random dungeons - druid's stock would rise considerably. As it is most people have their 4 classes in mind to run the 5 man + any healer.

01-23-2006, 02:25 PM
I don't necessarily think any class is overpowered. How good one is really depends on the person playing. I have seen people absolute tear thru one toon and then get demolished by another of the same class.

When I see people crying "Nerf" or that one class is too overpowered I usually think they just don't know how to play against that class and will say whatever because they think they own all.

01-23-2006, 04:17 PM
feral druid here im @ bladefist in a guild that is doing MC with another guild and currently getting ready 2 go MC with our guild only.
Im really feral druid 11/35/5 and like the damage that i do ..told the guildleader and he said if i want 2 stay feral i can stay since i still get into top 8 with healing (mostly joining a bit later and against nicely specced priests and real healing druids) thats what i like and he told me if we get really nice gear there might be a feral druid spot available and since im the real feral druid in the guild with pretty nice damage and crit itd hopefully be me that is going 2 fill that spot so MC gonna be fun :D

01-23-2006, 11:08 PM
We're good at healing but a priest is better
Watch yourself. Reallllly thin ice...

Priests are often called 'better' than druids at healing. In very high damage situations you need to cast often. You cannot let your tank get too far down because that boss mob can get lucky and two-shot him.

In those high-damage situations healing leaders do not put two priests on a single MT. A priest has a 4 second GHeal (our HT equivalent). One druid and one priest are paired to support an MT. The priest spams flash heal. The druid uses bigger HT's and drops a Regrowth on damage spikes. If you're talented for regrowth crit it helps alot here. Cliffs: Priest + Druid >> two Priests.

The problem is when you get into a PuG. If aggro isn't stabilized druids will end up using regrowth for the shorter cast time and thus sacrificing efficiency. If aggro is stabilized we're as efficient. Priest, otoh, can switch healing targets every 1.5 seconds and don't sacrafice much efficiency by doing so.

For all you young ones out there: In PvE you can't be the versitile one forever. As soon as you start raiding you'll be expected to pick a role and stick with it. You can't stock up three sets (four now) of gear without a HUGE time investment. You obviously can't respec every week.

If you want to keep moving in PvE you'll eventually have to choose. If you hit MC you'll find that the druid set, Cenarian, is a healing set. It's quite a good one at that.

In BWL there's the Stormrage set. This one is much better for all around goodness.

One could go after allo the nice all-around pieces: Songbird Blouse, Wildheart Kilt, Boots of the Shrieker...but the game's 5-man content is none the less, exhausted quite quickly.

01-24-2006, 02:10 PM
Ok, I'm only a 41 Druid and haven't been able to out perform a priest in healing situations. Of course I'm feral spec'd and geared so that I'm sure has something to do with it, along with my newness to the game.

Thanks for your comments.

01-24-2006, 04:51 PM
I think it is better to grow with a guild rather than join one.

y guild is just starting to push into end-game content and everyone is adjusting to the demands it puts on them. But they are also really supportive of everyone having fun and trying their best to do what they want. At the moment the dps king is a shadow specced priest, and the most healing specced and geared is a paladin.

An established guild looking to fill an opening will be looking for a very specific role and how they expect you to handle it, because if you don't there are plenty others that will. However a group of supportive friends that remember its a game can open a world of opportunities.

01-24-2006, 04:56 PM
I can definitely attest to this. Growing with a guild helps in so many ways because you understand each others playing style and learn how to work together and kick arse. If you don't want to be forced into a mold that you don't enjoy or feel you are no good at, then I suggest finding a smaller guild and grow together.