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01-11-2006, 09:26 AM
Hello all,
Currently have a almost lvl 24 druid just getting into wsg. This is my first attempt at doing BG's witha druid. My question is do we take a long time to gain ranks? I find right now my HK's and killing blows are very low, no matter where on the field I am playing. Last night i ran around in cat form helping get hits in where i can and healing as needed. When our game was over (less than 15 min) I only had 1/1/6 as my stats.

I have read all the strategies in the pvp section and just wonder if we are not natural born killers (im going for 0/30/21 spec) and this will be a slow process or just an off night and i have not learned how to play a druid effectively?


01-11-2006, 10:47 AM
Give it more time and you can be a pvp killer.
Did you win the BG? Just remember that killing blows mean nothing unless your ego needs the boost, because you dont get any extra honor no matter how many you get. HK's are always good because they ofcourse give honor but by far winning the BG is the absolute best way to get the most honor/contribution points. Try to organize or get yourself into a group of people that play together as a team and you will rack up the points.

lvl 60 Feral druid.
pvp rank LT. Commander

01-11-2006, 11:28 AM
What I did in the lower battlegrounds was cast 1 moonfire and 1 insect swarm on everyone as I stood away so that I could also throw on some heals.

Just doing that I normally could top the charts in damage. Those are 2 pretty powerful (and INSTANT cast) DoTs that really will give you a TON of damage. I can't do that on my current level but from 20-29 I could top the charts with at least 70+ kills as well.

01-11-2006, 12:37 PM
I did WSG today and I focused solely on getting the flag and returning it. It's pretty simple usually, though it depends on how many allies/horde are defending the flag. Sneak in in catform, shift out and grab the flag, then back to cat form and use dash to get outside the building. Once outside, if you have it, change to travel form or just stay in cat if you have feline swiftness. If you dont have either yet, just switch to bear and do what you can to stay alive. hopefully your team will be keeping you alive the way back. Try and run with another healer if possible that way they can keep you alive while you have the flag or vice versa. Druids do really well in BG's, killing blows mean absolutely nothing. Supporting your team where it's needed most is more than most classes can say.

01-11-2006, 02:06 PM
ok thank you everyone. What you told me is basically I thought i should be doing. I guess i need to get over my hunters high number of killing blows and focus more on the overall winning of the match. Still trying to get used to switching forms quickly and such so I am still figuring out how to be quick on the click.

And yes sir, we did win the match last night, in under 15 minutes to be exact.

01-11-2006, 05:54 PM
Level 60's get more honor per kill/win then lower levels... really chasining PvP rank till your 60 is a mistake. By all means, if your having fun... keep on enjoying yourself. If your grinding honor for rank tho' wait till your 60.

Generally speaking, level 19 braket and level 29 braket games are easier to get then level 39, 49 and the hardest is 59... easiest of all is 60 braket So it's easy to lose your rank as you level up due to decay.

I'm rank 10 (holidays killed me, been rank 10 now for over a month)... I think that's a reasonable end game goal. I keep debating whether I want that black war wolf enough to make a push for rank 11.

Resto spec'ed here and always at the bottom of the scoreboard, but usually I've got a nice and high HK tally... once I came in second in Killing Blows. We were going for a 'no HK' win (the alliance at the time were camping stables against my team). We just lined up east and south of the Stables and waited... at around 1500 resources an alliance druid forced a mage to kill'm, ruining the no HK thing, so we attacked and somehow I came out with 6 kills, which was enough to almost top the chart.

As mentioned, Win > HK > KB's

01-11-2006, 09:42 PM
Biggest thing in the low level BG's is getting in group/ raid. Then you will get credit for kills by others while you support with heals or flag running or whatever. Often the lowbies just don't get organized and miss opportunities to benefit the group.

01-12-2006, 03:39 PM
Best BG to farm honor ranks is usually Arathi Basin.

01-12-2006, 03:42 PM
Yeah, because its a lot harder to have a stalemate in AB. In WSG, matches can be quick for some good honor, but when you get into those horrificly long battles it's not worth it

01-12-2006, 04:23 PM
I say to play the way your teammates are playing.

If they are working as a team, work as a team.

If they are after kills and not working as a team, you should probably do the same.

I am not trying to be selfish, but it is so frustrating to try to be a team when 6 or 7 of your teammates are doing the kill thing. Eventually you end of losing and not getting much honor at all.

It would be better if honorable kills was just a fraction of what winning would. Then again people exploit the system anyways (letting other team win, etc. etc.).

I have talked to some people before I quit the 'always full servers' and they organized times so that someone could always be on an account to get that person higher or highest ranks.

01-13-2006, 10:47 AM
Please note that I am writting this from the Alliance point of view:

I've found that different specs work better for different lvls of PvP. From 10-19 in WSG I found that going resto 5 Furor, 5 Nature's Focus is a killer combo. You can heal without interuption keeping the high dps folks alive and if and when needed shift into bear form to protect yourself and have the rage available to bash etc... Plus when you're grinding, the non-interupted healing is a life saver.

From 20-29 Feral is the way to go but wait until your lvl 23 to enter. Speced: 5 Ferocity, 3 Feral Instinct, 2 Imp Bash, 1 Feral Charge and the key 2 Feline Swiftness, then 5 Furor. I'm one of the best flag carriers or Shammy Interceptor. You can heal, you can Charge the Flag Carrier or an opposing healer keeping the carrier alive; interupting their heals then bash them, and pop back into caster and keep your party members healed. Or as my team usual puts me midfield in Prowl and pop out to heal or intercept a shammy with Roots or Feral Charge. With this spec you can easily grind too when necessary.

As flag Carrier, after lvl 26 Dash is amazing to get out of the sticky situation. Bear form right away until you get outdoors and then pop a Rejuv and cat form ftw! If someone is coming to intercept you, pop into Caster form and then Bear Form and Feral Charge, pop back into Cat and run (this is after the full furor ~lvl 27). Your team mates should have dealt with them by then.

So far in the little over a month that my server has been up I've racked up ~2250 HKs by working in the team. Rarely do I get the killing blow, but contribute to the team effort.

Hope this helps a little.

NE Druid Member of Guild Fusion

01-13-2006, 05:09 PM
From a level 60 point of view:

The real key to gaining rank is winning BGs. Kills can get you a long way, but you can rack up a lot more honor with wins. You need to try and assemble a winning team.

As for PvP spec, innervate still seems to be the most powerful, however feral can be very viable--but you've got to have the gear to do it right.

In WSG druids make excellent flag carriers--if you've never done it you'll need to practice a bit until you figure out how to get out of the other team's base quickly.

In AB druids make great defenders--the ability to stealth and track gives you a very solid edge in defense and gives your team extra time to call in help. Druids also make great support healers here because they are so difficult to bring down. Use the terrain and the fact that you are outdoors to your advantage.

In AV I've not spent as much time, but the best strategies seem to be: moonfire spamming multiple targets, support healing, and feral charges into the enemy ranks to blunt an assault. Because of the number of players in AV, you much more rarely get into 1 on 1 situations in AV.