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01-24-2006, 04:04 PM
Hey there Druids! I was just wondering what servers you guys play on. The server I currently play on has ridiculous queues every Sunday and I am looking to possibly find a server to play on Sundays that doesn't always have a queue all day long. So will you all please do me a favor and answer a few questions?

-What is the server name?
-What type of server is it?
-What, in your opinion, are the pros and cons to your server?
-Horde or Alliance?

Thanks a bunch!

01-24-2006, 04:17 PM
heres some advice:

Get a Nostromo Speedpad, setup a macro on the keypad to move you around every few mins and never...ever...log out until they bring the servers down. This way you don't get the inactivity-afk-logged out "feature" of WoW =)

01-24-2006, 04:21 PM
Thanks for that advice....but that's not what I'm looking for. I am just looking for another server that I can play on (atleast on Sundays if not more). I just want to know about the servers I don't play on, so I can see if it would be nice to play on when I don't want to sit in the queue. Plus sometimes there are people on this server that drive me crazy and make me want to log out of the server, but I still want to play WoW.

I'm just wanting to find a fairly decent server that I would enjoy....and kinda know someone on there (even if it is just from a few posts on the forums).

01-24-2006, 04:37 PM
Nathrezim sp?
pros have never really had to wait to get on
cons occasionally disconnected hasn't happened in a while
war effort still ongoing how wver this is a pro for me since I don't raid nor am I of a lvl to I get to turn in my suppilies for some greens to work my enchanting on :}

01-24-2006, 07:22 PM
My server not only has ques, but new character creation has been suspended. I login about 15 minutes before I want to play on weekday evenings, 25 minutes before on weekend evenings.

I also play on a PST server but am in EST. That means I can get in before the ques if I want, but stay up fairly late at night finishing up MC.

01-24-2006, 07:38 PM
-What is the server name? Wildhammer

-What type of server is it? PVP

-What, in your opinion, are the pros and cons to your server?

Pros: No queue times whatsoever. I log in about everyday and don't have to worry about being 600th in the queue. I get right in most of the time. It has a pretty even mix of horde and alliance and alot of 60s.

Cons: It is a low population server. Some of the economics are not the same as that of a more full server (i.e. 'expensive' items might not go for as much). Sometimes it is tough to find good armor in the AH before level 20 as many on the server are level 60. In the past 2 weeks the server has had to be restarted about 3 times (took about 15 minutes for the restart). It was not just this server. It happened with a combination with about 10 other servers.

-Horde or Alliance? Horde - and we win BG's generally speaking

01-25-2006, 08:56 AM
Cool. Yea I'm thinking I want to find a PvP server to play on some....but I want some friendly people to talk to so I'm not totally alone on there. That's why I was asking this question. I have toons on 2 Normal servers now....and I'm ready to get into the PvP server. I originally started my first toon ever (on my bf's account) on a PvP server....and now that I understand my toons better and have done some PvP I feel more comfortable trying it out. This is my first computer game I've played really. My bf put WC3 on my laptop after I started playing WoW.

I prefer Horde, but for those few lucky Alliance that are so cool I might consider playing an Alliance to have some "friends" around.

01-25-2006, 09:25 AM
Hullo there Buttons, I'll give you some info on my server (which IMO is awesome)

1)What is the server name?
2)What type of server is it?
3)What, in your opinion, are the pros and cons to your server?
4)Horde or Alliance?

1) Gorefiend(US)
2) PvP
3) Pros-
-WSG no Double Honor
-10-19 (No WSG, that twink stage blew)
-20-29 (3minutes, lots of horde twinks)
-30-39 (Hardly ever WSG)
-40-49 (Sometimes WSG, avg. time 16minutes)
-50-59 (Hardly ever WSG)
-60 (At least 2-4 games of WSG)
-WSG Double Honor days
-10-19 (none)
-20-29 (6minute wait time)
-30-39 (Hardly ever WSG)
-40-49 (Sometimes WSG, avg. que time 30minutes)
-50-59 (Sometimes WSG, avg. que time 18minutes)
-60 (No other BG games going on for this lvl, we 60's love our quick easy honor!)

Arathi Basin no Double Honor
-40-49 (Fair amount of AB, que time 20-25minutes)
-50-59 (Lots of AB, que time 15-20minutes)
-60 (Tons of matches, que time 10-30minutes)

Arathi Basin Doulbe Honor
-40-49 (Some AB, que time 30-35minutes)
-50-59 (Lots of AB, que time 15-20minutes)
-60 (Tons of AB, 5-20minutes)

Alterac Valley no Double Honor
-51-60 (Usually 1 or 2 matches going after 3PM EST)

Alterac Valley Double Honor
-51-60 (Usually 2-4 matches going after 3PM EST)

(Yes still more pros)
-Lots of great guilds to choose from.
-Not a heavily populated server (so no que to get on, IIRC, we're a low-med. pop. server)
-Most people are friendly
-Have world PvP sometimes, we schedule it via WoW forums. Usually Hillsbrad, every lvl welcome.



-Ratio of Alliance to Horde 1.3:1;Alliance:Horde (fairly equal)
-Beware of BRD mountain ... Horde like to camp it while they wait for all their plaers to do BWL/MC
-Beware of Northern STV, horde camp Nessingwary's. Horde like to camp their when some alliance has killed their lowbie, but always ... theres a bigger fish(or lots of big fish, and more big fish to kill the others) Alliance will bring their 60s in time too. Then it's a mini war. This happens at least once a day.
-We also have some people on both sides that have very low mental & emotional capacities that act like they're 8 years old again.

Edit, I forget my number 4 O.o

4) Alliance

Sorry this was so long x.x I was bored while sitting in class :elfbiggri

P.S. I hope you join my server, I'll help ya lvl ^_^ lol
(My sig has my characters on Gorefiend)

01-25-2006, 09:50 AM
It's ok. You put lots of helpful info in there. Thanks a bunch. One whatever server I decide I would either be a (UD/Dwarf) priest or druid.

Keep the posts going. I wanna find a nice place to play some this Sunday if I can....without a queue.

01-25-2006, 09:53 AM
-What is the server name?

Gul'dan (US Server)

-What type of server is it?


-What, in your opinion, are the pros and cons to your server?

Pro: I have never had to wait in a queue to log on. Its a new (2 month old) low population server which means that there are few twinks in WSG and other battle grounds which made for (and for the most part still does equate to) equal footing in the BGs. I've found the people in WSG (Alliance) especially to be very cooperative and want to work together. Its rare that we loose to the Horde because of the cooperation. Another pro was that when this server first came out it was not flagged as NEW so the population has stayed low which is something that I personally enjoy. Sure there are immature individuals, but thats why you have the Ignore option. All in all, I'm finding this to be the best server that I have been on and I plan on staying there. (previous servers: Alleria & Gorgonnash)

Con: The war effort has yet to start on this server. Also with a low population the AH isn't as diverse as some people may like it to be, but it really makes you appreciate what you have even more. I think that the biggest con though is that with a low population there can be times when you have to wait 10 / 15 min for a battle ground. Personally though I use those times to either get friends together to do a raid group for WSG or go and quest in STV before more people log on.

-Horde or Alliance?

If I remember correctly there are slightly more Horde then Alliance on this server.

Ephrim NE Druid: Gul'dan Server

01-25-2006, 09:53 AM
O.o do you plan on lvling your "dwarf priest" or "druid" to 60 and want to do end-game content?

If so ... the guild I'm in is looking for more priests and druids. (We run end-game stuff with the amount we have now, but we'd just like more to be safe rather than sorry)

01-25-2006, 10:06 AM
I would possibly be doing that, but I would like to toss in a lil WSG on the way to 60. If I did work on getting the toon to 60 I would like to end-game stuff...but leveling all over again when I have yet to have a 60 is annoying. I probably would work more on my druid right now during the week, but play the new toon on weekends.

My bf plays with me most the I could possibly convince him to create a toon with me if we could get help with the first few levels fast (he hates the first 10 levels so much). He usually plays rogues....and is very good at it. I talked to him earlier this morning and he apparently took out a 45 warrior and 42 hunter back-to-back at level 36.

If I get my current druid to 60 I might do some end-game stuff with her too.....but I dont know. I'm having so much fun in WSG with her and the groups of friends I've made in WSG that I doubt I can change her to resto build.

01-25-2006, 03:22 PM
I would like to eventually become part of a good guild. I like to help others....and sometimes get help. The reason I haven't gotten my 52 NE Priest to 60 is because before I "quit" playing on that server I helped lower level guildies with quests....either through an alt or my level 52. I believe that's what guilds are all about...helping each other out (because by helping others you are helping the entire guild).

If you know of some great guilds on your servers, can you please let me know. Even if I don't start out in a guild I would like to eventually become part of one. It kinda sucks to rely on PuG's all the time.

01-26-2006, 12:08 PM
I've moved around so much, I know a lot of different servers pretty well. My suggestion is also:

Gorefiend (US PvP)

-I've never had a log in queue. Ever.
-Always seem to be lots of PvP. Instanced and Open World both.
-Generally mature people on both sides. Ganking far outside level range has been kept small, still happens, some people enjoy squashing flies I guess.
-Seems to be an even population as far as playing times go. Even though its med/low pop server there are usually a few people around any area at any time.
-Some really great guilds out there, who don't mind helping lowbies like me with stuff others might feel is "beneath" them.
-Did I mention no log in queues?

-Not currently accepting new character creations unless you already have one. From reading the in game info though, I think that only occurs during peak times, and not all the time. Just log on in the middle of the night sometime and make your druid and then play later.
-Everyone has a 60 alt, so sometimes you'll kill someone your level and have a higher level come challange you, expecting you to log off and back on with your 60 as well.

Horde or Alliance
-I'm Alliance. The big drawback to alliance on most servers is the relative immaturity of its players, but Gorefiend seems to all be pretty mature so its not a drawback. Horde's big drawback for me is their areas are just so ugly. Why would I want to fight in the plains or a desert when I could hang in the forest.


Besu Shadowsong
01-26-2006, 01:47 PM
1. The Venture Co. (EU)
3. No RP'en by a majority of the players. The 'super guild' think they own the server. There is some strange lag, which will hopefully be fixed on feb 1st.
4. Alliance

01-26-2006, 06:01 PM
Ugh.....I wanted to join you guys on Gorefiend....but since you can't create a character guess I will have to somewhere else. My bf isn't going to be joining me....but I have a friend that is. Thanks for all the replies guys.

01-27-2006, 08:22 AM
X.X Noooooo Buttons, just wait till the War Effort is over :) or it might be sooner when you can join us on Gorefiend! Well whatever your decision is, hope you're happy where you go!

Much love

01-27-2006, 08:43 AM
Well a friend and I created Alliance toons on Spirestone. Was looking into Gorefiend, but you can't create toons on there at this time. We were a lil bored last night and so we decided to go ahead and create the new toons.

I am a Dwarf Priest named Angeliclight (level 10 right now)....and my friend is a Human Rogue named Phantomista (also level 10). If any of you are on Spirestone and wanna say hey or can help us out sometime just send us a tell or drop me a note on here.

P.S. Jeffj...sorry I really wanted to join up with you and Nyte on Gorefiend. If at some point they do allow character creation soon then let me know....before I get too high in level. We played on Spirestone last night...and for the first time ever for me I have not been asked 50 times to join guilds before level 10 with a priest. Haha!

01-27-2006, 09:05 AM
Phantom Guild Invites rock. As another and much more rare class, druids used to get them all the time. Not as much anymore as druids are a bit more popular, but I used to get as many phantom guild invites as phantom group invites. I would log in, head into town to sell stuff, and have to close guild invite windows. Not even a /t wanna sign my charter? Just a window opening. Crazy crazy stuff. Doesn't happen much on Gorefiend. Always a laugh though when it happens elsewhere.


01-27-2006, 09:12 AM
Yea I totally know what you druid, priest and even my mage and 'lock got phantom invites. I would tell them no thanks because I don't just join up if someone doesn't talk to me first. Of course that pisses quite a few of them off....go figure?!?

01-27-2006, 09:18 AM
I've always wanted there to be something like they were talking about in EQ2. Being able to join both a guild, and a family. That way you had a guild, for guild activities, but you and your friends from other guilds could form a recognized group. I'm not sure if they ever implemented it in EQ2, but they were talking about in before I got so bored I had to leave.


01-27-2006, 09:33 AM
my server laughing skull isnt too bad , havnt had much lag
but 1 day the server was down all day
more horde than alliance huge BG queues like 5 hours for AV

ppl whine on forums too much about ganking

but i like it

01-27-2006, 12:12 PM
Don't worry buttons, I will let you know if our server opens up soon so you're able to create characters on it. I hope it does, catch you on the forums. I dont normally create lots of character spread across lots of servers, I prefer to stay on one or two. Gorefiend & Gorgonnash
Alliance on G-fiend & horde on Gorg.

01-27-2006, 03:52 PM
Thanks. You and Nyte seem like cool people....too bad Blizz won't let me run with you guys right now.

Does anyone know any guilds on the Spirestone server? Just curious as to what is out case I do want to level to 60 and end-game fun.