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01-30-2006, 01:15 PM
After the gates of AQ are opened, a new set of quests go live that allow casual players to attain epic items through a combination of faction and quest turn ins. Here is the reward list:

The various badges can be saved up and turned in for various items. The quests require several of each badge type and a certain level of Cenarion Circle reputation.

Volunteer's Battlegear ( requires friendly reputation, 5 combat badges, 3 logistics badges, and 7 tactical badges. Reward choices are:

Gloves of Earthen Power (Rare) – Leather gloves, 109 Armor, 9 int, 27 damage/healing
Band of Earthen Wrath (Rare) – Ring, +8 Int, +1% spell crit, +3 mana / 5 seconds
Earthweave Cloak (Rare) – Cloak, 44 Armor, , +15 Agi, +1% hit

Veterans Battlegear ( requires honored reputation, 7 combat badges, 4 logistics badges, and 4 tactical badges. Reward choices are:

Grace of Earth (Rare) – Trinket, "Use: Reduces your threat to nearby targets making them less likely to attack you."
Band of Earthen Might (Rare) – Ring, +6 str, +1% crit, +1% hit
Earthen Power Vest (Rare) – Cloth chest, +22 int, +25 damage/healing, +1% spell crit

Stalwarts Battlegear ( requires revered reputation, 15 combat badges, 20 logistics badges, 17 tactical badges, and one Mark of Remulos (from Logistics 11). Reward choices are:

Deeprock Bracers (Epic)– Plate wrist, 309 armor, +19 str, +10 agi, +8 sta
Earthcalm Orb (Epic) – Offhand, +10 int, +8 mana/5 seconds, +18 healing
Rockfury Bracers (Epic) – Cloth wrist, 42 armor, +7 fire resist, +27 damage/healing, +1% to hit with spells
Might of Cenarius (Epic) – Ring, +8 sta, + 4 weapon damage, +1% to hit

Champions Battlegear ( requires exalted reputation, 20 combat badges, 15 logistics badges, 20 tactical badges, and a Mark of Cenarius (from Tactical 5). Reward choices are:

Fist of Cenarius (Epic) – 62.6 DPS 2H Mace (3.5 speed), +40 damage/healing, +2% spell crit
Wrath of Cenarius (Epic) – Ring, Equip: Chance to increase the damage of your spells by +132 damage for 10 seconds
Earthstrike (Epic) – Trinket, Use: Increase melee and ranged attack power by 280 for 20 secs (reported to have a 2 min cooldown).

If the War Effort isn't finished on a server, the remaining items needed will start autofilling so the gates will open regardless (this from dev quote in NY Times article.)

More info on this quest line can be found at this excellent site:

More info on raising your Cenarion Circle faction can be found here:

Anyone interested in doing this, should buy the tradeskill items off the AH now before the general populace gets wind of this and prices go through the roof.