Firestormers on Povar seeking a few Druids

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Firestormers on Povar seeking a few Druids

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Firestormers has just recently completed the House of Thule expansion and we are looking to increase our Druid core by a member or two.

Full application details can be found at ... 39&t=39192

If you have any questions about applying as a druid, please send me a tell or ingame email ! [tell povar.Falavar

In addition, we are always looking for;

Seasoned Raiders seeking relief from the high mandatory raid % requirements: Firestormers is a non-mandatory raiding guild: Raid times start at 6pm eastern and go to about 10 pm eastern; Sunday through Thursday. *our average raid members hold 60-70% attendance.*

Veterans put off by merit based loot systems or months worth of trial status: FS uses an open DKP system, with auction channel to bid upon loots. The more you raid the more you can spend on items. Our membership is also educated when it comes to bidding, Rogues get their daggers, zerkers their 2 handers... Trial period lasts about 30 days depending on raid percent; the higher the raid percent usually means the shorter the trial period.

Solid, Mature, Family Friendly Raidforce. We understand real people have real lives, family, work that might not allow for 100% dedication to a set raid schedule. If you can give 100% on the raids you can make then we're a great fit.

Progressive Guild Structure: Firestormers the guild has over 250 live members with both the raiding and non-raiding aspects. We average 40 people on 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There is always a group looking for more and folks there to help when something needs doing. Our non-raiders are mostly folks looking to enjoy the group content of the game, though some will go on to trial status. If you have any questions about the Non-Raiding or Friends and Family classification of membership contact Brenenn or any of the names below.
All of our membership both raiding and non- are proud FS members, search out Magelo and EQplayers to see the extent of massive and inclusive this guild is when compared to other top raiding guilds.

- All Classes are welcome to apply; groups and teams also: Please keep in mind the content FS is raiding; Gear quality does matter.
If you do not have the character to raid this content - Help is provided to contact other raiding guilds on Povar.

If you are interested in a non-raiding tag; Personality is KEY: Fill out the standard application with the last question answered; then pop an officer a tell. We're listed below; ** No Need to Register for the Website to Submit an Application! **

Put our membership to the test, I invite you to contact ANY tagged FS member for an honest opinion of the guild, either as a raider or not.

Questions for the Officers:
[tell povar.vestacha , [tell povar.lindama , [tell povar.pomtwo, [tell povar.Adventureous, [tell povar.haranek , [tell povar.moggwai , [tell povar.mathikk , [tell povar.nerneo , [tell povar.Ssixa

Thanks for your time,

Druid ClassLeader of Firestormers
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