Reckless Ascension on Bristlebane

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Reckless Ascension on Bristlebane

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Hi there, new to the boards and I just wanted to mention that after two years Reckless Ascension has finally opened a druid slot. I know there isn't as much traffic on the different class boards these days but on the off chance someone looking for a change stops by frequently I'll tell you guys a little bit about us.

Reckless Ascension is are farming TBM and looking forward to new expansion release. Whether you've been raiding for years or you are recently returned if you think you have what it takes or are willing to learn from great people please feel free to contact us, we'd like to hear from you. Below are our class needs/wants/"willing to fit ins" in case yer not a druid :)

Low means I'll consider adding one player. Medium means I could squeeze one in immediately if you know your class. High means I'll consider a project. If your class is closed send me a tell anyway and you never know what can happen.

Bard: Low
Beastlord: Low/Medium
Berserker: Low
Cleric: Low
Druid: Low/Medium
Enchanter: Low
Magician: Low
Monk: Closed
Necromancer: Medium
Paladin: Closed
Ranger: Closed
Rogue: Low
Shadow Knight:Closed
Shaman: Low
Warrior: Low/Medium
Wizard: Low

We raid Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday 7:30 to12 eastern. We have currently dropped Thursdays due to farm mode. However, if you apply you will be expected to raid Thursdays when new content is released.

You can in-game email bristle.poisonwaters (robnie or I are best for recruitment information), bristle.lichulil, bristle.robnie, bristle.kelliene, bristle.ranbas, bristle.slackwaters, bristle.espaniardz, bristle.wunshii, or bristle.renotaki for more information about us. Alternately you can /tell us or if you are on a server other than bristlebane you can ;tell bristle.poisonwaters, I log everything and I'll get back to you within a day or two if that dirty gina doesn't clip my logs. :D

A little bit about us:

Well, RA is about three years old and since then we've managed to get ourselves ranked seventh server wide to beat TDS and then again in TBM and we are clearing TBM weekly.

We have a great bunch of players who are reliable and pull their own weight. They aren't just great players, they're great people and lately quite a few of them have been showing up to help smaller raid forces break into Arx Mentis. We've been having tons of fun doing it and it's a great way to give back to the community on bristlebane which has helped make us what we are.

Applicants must fill out the application fully and be level 105 with a raid attendance of 70% or greater to make full member.

We are not necessarily looking for fully geared raiders but we are looking for dedication, a willingness to learn, adaptability and a desire to be part of a great team.

If you are interested in applying get in touch with one of us and register on our forums located at:

-Poisonwaters 105th level Shadowknight
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