Crystal Caverns, levels 28-34

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Crystal Caverns, levels 28-34

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Hi, I'm Bluebird, a Firiona Vie druid, geared with a few pieces of defiant, a tank merc, and some skinspike potions.

Crystal Caverns is in the Eastern Wastes, which is a zone that connects to the Great Divide. The entrance is in a little house in an orc fortress. I have not had any orcs there see through invis. Run in the fort, to the right, look for a house with a barred gate in front of it. Click on the gate to open it and then click on the crystal on the pedestal inside and you will gate into Crystal Caverns. Have levitation on if you can. I did not use a merc here.

This is a mine, with ledges that wind down and around to the bottom of a pit. Through the tunnels at the bottom of the pit is a dwarf town, the Coldain dwarves. If you have the faction, you can bank and shop there. In the mine section are orc miners and watchmen, they hit a bit hard but are not that dangerous, except that they like to fall off the ledges and then run all the way back up the path with all of your NEW friends with them. I rapidly got the habit of nuking them hard when they hit 25 percent life. If you have lev on, you can fly down the center past the ledges into the tunnels at the bottom, which is much safer, and pick the orcs off one at a time.

After you have killed enough orcs, you can find your way through town and on the other side are ice caves. Be careful as some of the bridges are traps and will dump you in the water. There are velium crawlers(sort of like a lizard) in the water and they hit a bit hard for their level. The crystal spiders here are creampuffs and very good experience. They run fast to be sure to keep them snared. Tentacle terrors are a hoot, with a pretty fun knockback spell. They are one of my favorite mobs. At higher levels you can kill the geonids in the long tunnel that goes up and out, and they drop pretty good loot, but I didn't because they do have faction, and I didn't want to ruin mine.

I went from 28-34 in about 40 minutes, give or take. This zone is a hotzone at the moment.
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