EverQuest celebrates 18 years

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EverQuest celebrates 18 years

Post by Yrys »

EverQuest turned 18 years old this week, and Daybreak is running anniversary events:
https://www.everquest.com/news/everques ... id=1069558

Additionally, current and former players can log in before the end of March for a free Heroic Character:
https://www.everquest.com/news/free-her ... id=1069557
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Re: EverQuest celebrates 18 years

Post by karanthal »

Where did the last 18 years go?? :)

The free Heroic Character has got me stumped though. I currently have 3 accounts druid/mage/bard which I really enjoy playing. I dont really have any issues killing named mobs or running HAs. I would like a new trio though for a change but I'm struggling to think of what 3 classes I could play up from 85 that might be as much fun . Pulling/Healing/DPS are all no issue atm, mage pet taking is solid. Druid can switch between healing on named, DPS on trash. A couple of thoughts, I think I would like to play a real tank this time.

SK/Wiz/Shm - a real tank might be fun to play for a change.
Pal/Enc/Zerk - lacks a bit of healing and mobility maybe, CC in place of a "true puller", solid DPS though.
War/Mnk/Shm - again feels pretty solid, no ports

or of course War/Zerk/Zerk
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