New druid help

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New druid help

Post by Criamond »

I'll spare you my gaming history, but I am relatively new to the druid and Everquest. I enjoy the class well enough so far but I spend an inordinate amount of time on my butt. Most of the information I've found so far doesn't really apply before level 60. I understand that we're supposed to DOT and kite a lot, but can anyone advise me of a casting order or something for a mid 20s druid, or point me in the direction of such info?
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Re: New druid help

Post by upidstupid »

First of all, welcome to the Druid's grove. I've been lurking here for years now and I feel I'm well enough equipped to help you out. :)

If you need spells I would look at allakhazam's spell list ( ... ion=search) or this handy google doc spreadsheet ( ... n_US#gid=0).

Casting order on druids for single target kiting is snare > debuffs > dots >= nukes, but as you've probably read there are more efficient/effective ways of soloing at higher levels. As a caster you will spend an inordinate amount of time medding unless you pick up some of the buff potions or get kei/clarity from an enchanter, which eases the pain a bit.

I personally run the healer merc for the nicer buffs, and then suspend when kiting/charming (as she will dispell charms!) but you might find that you can heal the tank merc well enough, I would give each a try.

You should have access to Charm Animal lvl 23 (, and this is a pretty good way to get used to killing things. Just exercise caution in that charm breaks rather randomly, but if you keep things snared and keep yourself sow'd or wolf form'd, then it's relatively easy to recharm and get back into the fight.

Hopefully some of this helps ya, enjoy!
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Re: New druid help

Post by karanthal »

Pre 60 you probably want to go with a merc tank and have it level you most of the way without needing to do a lot other than the odd buff/damage shield and heal. The merc is capable of killing mobs you couldn't handle efficiently with a DoT/Kite method due to the downtime between kills.

Usually merc tanks can kill mobs that are Red cons to until about level 50. Look for the next hot zone up from your current level range (see Franklin Teek in PoK for hot zone details and quests) and let the merc do its stuff. Once you hit 51 you can start spending xp on alternate advancement points. Its well worth doing those as you level rather than rushing to level 70, although its more appealing to level, AA is easier to make at lower levels so you really should get the key ones (Improved Damage, Healing, Mana regen etc) as you level.

Theres a point where most start hitting harder and take longer to kill that keeping the merc alive is starting to cost you more mana than it would to DoT/Nuke or Charm solo kill. Thats the point to switch to charm killing. I couldnt say for definite where that point is now, I would guess around level 70 where you can head to direwild cliffs and charm kill wolves, and then on to loping planes worgs and gators.
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