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Druid Community

Post by karanthal »

Have druids just become so easy to play that we are all just quietly getting on with playing without needing to talk to our fellow druids.

Most of the posts do at least seemt go get read by a few lurkers, but is seems most sadly don't post.

I visit the mage and bard forums quite often as I play those classes as well, they are currently talking about spells/AA's etc for the next expansion beta. Perhaps we should be doing the same.
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Re: Druid Community

Post by Ariatia »

I have to agree with you about the need to be more active on the board. I come occasionally and I do not find many posts either. To bad cause this use to be the Go to Board for all Druids. I think it is cause there are so few of us.
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Re: Druid Community

Post by Mallorn »

I am an old player that just returned about a month ago, and in all of my lurking on different forums it seems the general chatter about in-game strategies, hunting areas, gear, etc. are not what they used to be. It doesn't seem to be that there are no druids, from what I can tell there are a lot of them that are high level raiders on my server (Tunare), but there are not as many of us casually climbing the level ladder so to speak. So, the bulk of the few discussions pertain to those higher level topics.

I saw a similar question on a mage forum which is relevant. It seems that there is a lot of chatter on the official sony forums before a new release and a fair amount of chatter after the release, and then it is quiet. Imagine the majority of active druids are high level and mostly interested in the updates, not on places to hunt at lvl 60 when returning with junk gear. :) They also are active in making sure Druid's interests are in the updates, so they keep the discussion on the official forums where they are seen by developers.

I think it is a bit of a shame there isn't more discussion, and I'm glad to add posts on my experiences as well. I think what needs to happen is more of us need to start the discussions and come out of lurking mode (which I am guilty of). Join the revolution and start posting! :)
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Re: Druid Community

Post by Daxun »

I just thought I'd reinforce this, by saying there's definitely some fresh druids like myself absorbing information from this board! I reactivated my account last week and am steadily leveling on Fippy as we speak :)
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Re: Druid Community

Post by AbyssalMage »

I quit awhile ago and only "lurk" because I secretly hope Sony will "wake up." But from the deadness of these forums and others I occasionally visit, it is not the case. I am glad their are "fresh" Druid's rising up the ranks and their may actually be a resurgence of the class.

Maybe you can do what your ancestors failed to do and make the class relevant once again in both the player base and to the EQ community.
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