Leveling/Equiping recomendations

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Leveling/Equiping recomendations

Post by karanthal »

I'm looking for a few pointers from people who have some experience playing through Underfoot and HoT expansions.

I'm currently playing the following group, all of which are equipped in fairly standard group gearor what I could get from the bazaar for a good price.

Druid 87
Tank 87 (J5 merc)
Bard 83
Melee DPS 83 (f2p merc)
Mage 81
Melee DPS 81 (f2p merc)

Previously I had been killing in tosk which was pretty safe xp and I was able to kill named mobs for a few upgrades.

I recently moved to pellucid and have been making some pretty good xp there doing the sessiloid and gem quests. I've also been able to kill a few named mobs (providing I can get out of the AE's fast enough) for some decent upgrades (Scour, Conical Terror, Xorus the Faceted, Rock Whatsisname).

Having never played in underfoot or HoT I dont really know and good spots to setup camp other than this one I have found in the far north of pellicud near the Conical Terror spawn spot. Are there any other quests in pellicud I should be tackling in pellicid, are there other zones in underfoot that are better than pellucid or should I possibly be looking at HoT zones instead?
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Re: Leveling/Equiping recomendations

Post by Ariatia »

Yo are doing better than me and I have been playing EQ for lot longer. Keep up what you are doing
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Re: Leveling/Equiping recomendations

Post by Stephen51 »

You should go to HOT, the mobs are not as rough as UF and the gear is better. Feerott is a hot zone at the moment, has lots of named and is pretty big. In addition you can work the progression there too, so that if it is packed, you can get an instanced mission, as someone told me the hotzone xp modifier is active there also.
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