I got stuck in Shadowmeld

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I got stuck in Shadowmeld

Post by Destinae »

Actually, I didn't get stuck in shadowmeld but I've been busy and haven't been able to check in here. I'm not seeing many recent posts and that's terrifying me.

Are there any other bears out there right now? I was told I don't take big damage well, so I was looking to pick people's brains on which stats you're stacking if you're a bear and how your healers are feeling about it...but then I didn't see any really recent posts. :(

/target The Grove
/cast Revive
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Re: I got stuck in Shadowmeld

Post by Ravnia »

I had to re-register ... I guess its been that long.

I recently started a Worgen Druid for something new. Hopefully I will survive without Shadowmeld.
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