Druids of the Beast (Only Druid Guild!)

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Druids of the Beast (Only Druid Guild!)

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Hello in The Druids Grove.

I just stumbled across this website, and I really love it. The more it has to do with druids the better.

I came by, to tell you about "Druids of the Beast", which is a World of Warcraft Druid guild! I am a fanatic when it comes to druids, so I created the guild back in 2005!

Druids of the Beast, is as mentioned a guild with the most rightful and loyal class, the druid class. We are trying to experience as much in the game, and as many encounters as possible, by being only druids.
We started out as Horde, a guild full of Tauren Druids, where we were among moderate guilds in raiding progress. It is worth mentioning, we have never been a Roleplaying guild, and we ain't going to be either. However the people who tend to be in the guild, are really dedicated and passionate about this class.

in 2007 a World of Warcraft Magazine, made by Level was published in all stores in sweden, with 11 pages article and interview of Druids of the Beast. After such, we started to get a lot of people migrating to join the guild, which was awesome. In 2009, the guild was remade on the Alliance side, on Shadowsong[EU] and is still up and running today. On tuesday, we will greet Worgens welcome to our comminuty, since so far, only the Tauren and Elves have been welcome in the guild.

We try to take our class to the limit. Not only in pve, but also pvp, and other content. We sometimes do dance parades, where we do different formations in shapeshifts, spelling. Also we have done loads of other funny events and games within the guild, which would normally be impossible for other guilds, since they lack a special link between all the members. We love our class, and are not afraid to tell and show people how much we love it.

Now, the reason why I am in this forum is, we need all the support we can get. Advice, viewers, etc. Pre-Cataclysm has been a downer for most guilds, and also our guild, since it does not appeal to everybody in the game, due to the fact we play the game differently. But when our reputation had peaked, when we were in the magazine, we had a lot of supporters, to spread the word about our guild.

So hopefully you can bring the name of Druids of the Beast further, reaching out to the Druid fanatics of World of Warcraft. The more the merrier.
And I'm not nessicarily saying people have to join us. If you are interested in how things are going within our guild in general, you can listen to our frequently updated Podcast, watch our videos, or read the latest news on our Twitter.



Twitter: TheDruidGuild
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