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Need Help

Post by Wyndd »

Hi guys. I am doing research on the first AA's that would be considered "must haves" to try and make my guild boards more up to date. The class forums have long been neglected there and I am doing my best to fix that.

If you were given a max of 1000 AA points to spend, what would be your must haves for them?

I would appreciate any and all help. Thank you very much.
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Re: Need Help

Post by Iila »

This is kinda hard and really depends on your role for those first 1k AAs and the next 1.5K AAs.

General AAs to grab: innate enlightenment, the early levels of planar power, innate camo, group innate camo. soe or foe, whatever port AAs look cool. The cheap levels of CA/CS and ND. Shield block as you can (use a shield). Silent casting.

Heal focus: Get your Healing gift and adept worked up, the buff extension AAs, Both White Wolves and hastened lycan soul maxed out. Do not get copious or abundant healing, they're both pretty bad.

DPS focus: This goes a lot deeper. Improve DD crit rate, hasten nukes, improve crit damage, max out black wolves as above. Nature's fury, first spire, Improved twincast. Focus of Arcanum.

There's probably a couple lower level dedicated AAs that I'm missing. But the next in line for support should be getting Convergence of Spirits tricked out, along with bear spirit and 1 rank of extended bear. On the DPS side, the DoT AAs will eat a ton of AAs and not be all that great, same for the pet AAs. Somewhere around 3k AA you should be decent at both roles while missing out on huge AA sinks that give minor improvements.
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