What clickies are you using?

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What clickies are you using?

Post by AbyssalMage »

With the passing of time....so does the passing of clickies....

What specific clickies are you using 75+

The link is wonderful, but with out some perspective, its kinda useless.
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Re: What clickies are you using?

Post by Daldaen »

Well personally I use two for *most* situations.

http://lucy.allakhazam.com/spell.html?i ... ource=Live

Form of Endurance:
http://lucy.allakhazam.com/spelllist.ht ... +endurance

This adds 800 Mana pool, 42 Mana regen, 40 HP regen, 225 AC, 60 to resists, and about 600+ HP (depending on tier of FoE)

Due to being strapped for buffs I've cut down on clickies I use. From habits that date back to Nagafen raiding where you had to stack junk buffs at top my normal buff slots used to look like:

Perfected Levitate
Group Perfected Levitate
Spirit of Eagle (AA)
Storm Guard ( http://lucy.allakhazam.com/spell.html?i ... ource=Live )
Illusionary Spikes XXX ( http://lucy.allakhazam.com/spelllist.ht ... usionary+s )
Sacred Salve of Brell
Prismatic Ward IV
Form of Endurance VIII

Then the rest were normal buffs. But that is *generally* how i set my buffs up out of habit. Since Debuffs on raids are now almost exclusively random in the effects they remove I don't bother with double lev as if 1 is removed I can recast it, nor the DSes as they don't help at all.

The *unique* clickies that druids used to get like Torque of the Wyrmlord ( http://lucy.allakhazam.com/item.html?id=26584 ), Wistful Tunic of the Void ( http://lucy.allakhazam.com/item.html?id=30563 ), Orb of Duskmold ( http://lucy.allakhazam.com/item.html?id=53651 ), Shadowed Storm Sphere ( http://lucy.allakhazam.com/item.html?id=26601 ), Brazier of Endless Flames ( http://lucy.allakhazam.com/item.html?id=47241 ) have all but become useless sadly.

The extra HP from the 1st 3 are generally not worth the time it casts to add them, getting the buffs in GL that are 10x better can be faster :( .

Will edit and add more later.
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Re: What clickies are you using?

Post by Mallorn »

Darchon and Surledwarf had these two long lists of clickies on the SoE forums that might be worth noting here. Copied from EQarchives.org http://www.eqarchives.com/search.php?searchid=65

Darchon: I'm a prety big hoarder.... but heres a list of the clicks I keep on me:

Epic1 - DoT Clicky
Blade of the Tempest - DoT Clicky
Sporecaller - DoT Clicky
Orb of Clinging Death - DoT Clicky
Woven Bramble Tunic - DD Clicky
Everliving Bramble Tunic - DD Clicky
Staff of Forbidden Rites - 90% Rez Clicky
Mask of the Ancients - 4k Heal Clicky
Kelp-Covered Hammer - 2k Heal Clicky
Epic2 - Nuke Debuff Clicky
Ring of Pooled Energy - CoL 3
Weight of the Dark Denizen - CoM 3
Stormeye Band - DS Clicky
Eyepatch of Plunder - 30% Melee Haste Clicky
Shadowed Storm Sphere - 2-3 Mana Regen clicky (same line as Beastlord SE)
Wistful Tunic of the Void - 300ish HP buff (same line as shaman focus -- part of unity)
Torque of the Wyrmlord - 300ish HP buff (same line as brells)
Orb of Duskmold - 700 HP buff (same line as symbols)
Bracelet of the Shadow Hive - Moving Shrink Clicky (its bardmode casting)
Ring of the Ancients - 0.5s Shrink Clicky
Blackflame Sphere - RGC Clicky
Wand of the Vortex - 2 slot Dispell Clicky
Holgresh Elder Beads - Eye of Zomm clicky
Ornate Velium Pendant - +100 Faction Clicky
Preserved Chokidai Vocal Cords - Talk through bear pet clicky
Orb of Satisfaction - AE Summon Stack of Food
Wand of Everlasting Water - AE Summon Stack of Water
Manastone - Just because lol....

Divine Fetters of Ro - old PoR Raid
Rod of Alsa Thel - Special clicky for Sepulcher

The bolded ones I use often, I'd say once a week, some far more often than that. The others are just items that... I don't use often but I'm generally glad I have them on me when I need / want them.

Rez clicky is ungodly useful for raiding and for battle rezzing in groups
Eye of Zomm is amazingly useful for pulling / scouting
Dispell is great cause I never load the spell
DDs / Heals are nice to use when you are OOM or can't cast a spell due to stupid interupts/lockouts
Stormeye is extra 29 DS for when I am powerleveling, speeds it up a bit
Shadow Hive is great, I love casting while running.
CoM/CoL are nice bumps in raiding when I remember them, but honestly I forget them more often than not
Epic.... i honestly just keep it for pulling, more often than not I am using it as a quick 0.8s cast time spell to gain aggro on something at a distance (especially when I don't want it snared so its slow... or damaged so that it doesn't summon me)

Some of the clickies I just have on me for fun, namely the DoT ones. None of those are even remotely worth casting anymore.

05/27/2012 20:23:08 Subject: Re:[Druid] Suggestions for combat clicky items?

Just what I carry on me:

Feral Guardian Channeler- Self Divine Barrier

Totem of the Wurines - Self Divine Barrier

Rune of Healing - AE pulse Heal

Tear of Tranquility - Neg 5000 Hate clickie

Timeshear - rewind clickie

Kelp Covered Hammer - 2k heal clickie

Mask of the Ancients - 4k heal clickie

Mark of Searing Dawn - Undead Mez trap, no level limit

Goblin Frost totem - Single target corruption cure clickie

Star of Eyes - instant cast identify clickie

Firestorm Torch - AE low damage fire rain, for breaking roots

Fabled ball of golem clay - 8min 5pct damage mitigator for 90k

Hobby Horse- all stackable 5mana regen but you cant move mount

Cowl of the High Priest- Clickie myrmidons 8

Mithril-Runed Tunic - Clickie 800 HP cleric symbol

Fabled Torque of the Wyrmlord - Clickie brell-line HP buff

Wistful Tunic of the Void - Clickie - Clickie Focus-line Hp buff

Fabled Belt of Marvelous Visions - Clickie 30 pct melee haste

Purified Sunshard - All Stackable 10pct undead type 2 slow

Bark-Inlaid leather Tunic - 5tyck targettable spell and melee damage shield song buff

Symbol of the Planemasters- all stackable melee proc nuke buff

Dancing Blade of Fire - Clickie swarm pet

Silver skin gauntlets - 150 Hp rune

Bladestopper - 1800 HP rune

Everliving Bramble Tunic - 1892 DD nuke

Woven Bramble Tunic - 1892 DD nuke

Icy Tunic - 1k DD nuke

Turquoise Buckler - Clickie reflect(Very fun to use on Argath mission)

Bone Earring of Evasion - Clickie IVU

Stormeye Band - Clickie 27 HP all stackable DS

Nimbus of frost - clickie 10 HP all stackable DS

Arachniphobia Nimbus - Poison Proc buff

Kiss of Erollisi Marr - 10k mana pump

Fabled Shield of Coral - Clickie No-Fail Evacuate, so you dont accidentally leave party members behind

Shield of the Immaculate - Clickie Disease cure

Dreamcatcher Nimbus - allstackable 2mana regen

Polymorph wand:Steamsuit - 27 AC 200 HP all stackable

Polymorph wand: Simple Gnomework - 14 AC all stackabel

Polymorph wand: Plaguebringer - 12 mana regen

Staff of Forbidden Rites - Clickie 90pct rez

Holgresh Elder Beads - Eye of Zomm

Crushbone Fetish Choker - Circle of Life 3

Beast Fur Shawl - Circle of Mana 3

Totem of the Leopards Paw - MGB Melee proc buff

Lucky Charm Totem - MGB Caster proc buff

Radiant Totem of Ancient Krithgor - MGB Healer buff

Protective Mimic - 1pct spell and melee shielding buff

Curious Companion Compactor - Pet shrink

Sand Eroded Shell - Pet Savage Spirit

Mysterious Belt of Daggers - summon dagger clickie

Vicious Rabbit - Swarm Pet

Hazy Crystaline Box - Anti- Hate generation buff

Rocketeer Boots - Gravity Flux level jumping clickie

And a bunch more in bank
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