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Posting rules and policies. Please read!
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Posting Rules

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These are the new posting / moderating rules for The Druids Grove board which have been longstanding policy. Please adhere to them at all times.

Thanks for your patience.

1) Posts that are of a "flaming" nature embedded in threads that have something to do with the topic will be kept in only if they are kept to a respectable tone. No matter how important the information is or how useful it may be, a post will be deleted if it is belligerent, uses personal attacks or is written in a manner that may incite bad feelings. This includes racist, anti-gay, anti-religious or any other spiteful rhetoric targeted toward a specific group.

This is not censorship, because any post made within at least semi-cordial manner will stay no matter what. Anyone is free to say anything they want, as long as it is in a respectable manner. If it is not, and a poster wishes to put time in writing material that may be questionably removed because of its mannerisms, they may do so but at their own risk of writing it for nothing and having it removed as soon as it is detected and deemed unsuitable by a moderator.

2) Posts that are of a "flaming" nature embedded in threads that have no further input on the topic are removed. So if someone says "That answer is retarded" but posts nothing in relation to the topic, the post gets removed.

3) Posts specifically trolling for flames as the main topic of discussion get the thread removed because whatever opinion or truth may be, it doesn't have much to do with EQ, WoW, or druids.

4) Whether they are true or not, posts whose primary purpose is to rant about individual in-game players or guilds as being killstealers, exploiters, or other accusations will be moved to the rants section.

5) The use of JavaScript or other runtime languages is NOT ALLOWED. If you have any scripted content in your post, and it is found, you will have the entire post removed, regardless of what the topic of your post was.

6) Signatures can consist of multiple images which should be kept to a total size of under 85k and max dimensions of W:500 x H:150 pixels. Signatures which fall outside of these boundaries and cause malformations of the forum structure will be immediately removed. As always, moderators have full authority to remove any signature.

7) Absolutely no posting of sales, promotional guides, links to auctions or anything in the nature of increasing personal income will be tolerated. The post will be automatically edited or deleted at the discretion of the moderator/admin. If the poster is a "new user" the name will be banned; if it's a known user, the post will be moved to the Admin Trash Bin and the author of the post will be contacted by either a moderator or administrator and reminded the first time about the Rules of Conduct for these boards. If no e-mail is available, the author will be banned until he/she e-mails The Druids Grove Staff for proper explanation/action. There is no joking around when it deals with these matters.

The Druids Grove is a "No Solicitation Forum"!

8) All Community members who are registered must have a working email. You can change your email in your User CP. If you do not maintain a proper email one day you may find that your account has been set to "Awaiting email confirmation," which means you can only read the boards.

If you try to register to the forums with a fake email or one that has a spam blocker that blocks our email you will remain in an inactive state until you change your email and/or request a registration email from a board admin. Please make sure your mail client is set to accept email.

9) The Grove is a community. If for any reason we feel a member of the community is creating problems that upset the balance of our community, we will take direct action against this member. This includes and is not limited to "Directly attacking a member of the Druids Grove". This includes but is not limited to reposting of a topic that has been removed. This includes but is not limited to recreating user accounts after you have been suspended or banned.

Note: We all have bad days.. we understand this!

Enforcement of the Rules are on a case by case basis and if out of the norm for that poster it is most likely ignored.

Enforcement of the Rules is a last action by our staff after all other avenues have failed.

These include but are not limited to:
Removing post with comments.
E-Mail/PM/IM the member.
Public warning.
Administrative warning.
Changing of member's title.

If you have a problem with someone on the Grove, use the report feature.

If you do not like someone on the Grove, use the ignore feature; if you agitate a problem you are "at fault" and will be dealt with.

If you have a problem with the acting staff please communicate this to an administrator by email or PM. Our policy when it deals with staff members is that they are "Community Members First" - This gives them the right to post as if they are a member. This also gives them the right to enforce policies. No posts are deleted, but instead either moved or saved to an admin "trash bin" for review.

This will never change on the Grove.

If you have been suspended by the staff -- unless it is for advertising -- we usually suspend you for a limited time. Each offense by a single person will compound the suspension.

Three Strikes and you're off the Boards.

The boards, the code, the moderation, the artwork, the time spent are all donated by the staff freely.