Armor upgrade at lvl 80

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Armor upgrade at lvl 80

Post by Mallorn »

I am lvl 77 and will probably zip up to 80 soon. Gear-wise I haven't done a lot of research in this range, earlier I thought Glowing Reis was the answer but now I'm not so sure.

On problem I see for this range is that the drops were steadily replaced. Purchasable gear for lvl 98-100 seems to be abundant, but I don't know what is available to bridge the gap. I'm not wanting to sprint to level 100 either and want gear that can help me kick tail along the way.

When to the first tiered armor drops start? Is it with SoD or later?

Any recommendations, or remember what you used around this level?
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Re: Armor upgrade at lvl 80

Post by tatankawd »

Here's what my research had found:

The Glowing Reis you speak of (I have three pieces) are special drops from modified zones that appear at EQ anniversary time. So you can't always get them. They are quite nice, tho.

For normally available gear, Defiant is the way to go to 80.

At 80, tradable, attunable gear from HoT becomes available:
All/All visible gear is "Terror Infused".
Class specific has "Abstruse" in the name. It is tradable, but has to be made, for ~1-2Kpp cost, and the main drop is not tradable, so /bazaar will be limited to those who paid to create a piece on spec. You could also do a chat channel request for the pieces you need, and see who has the component and will make what you need.
For other slots, there are two options. The "Dream Delvers" merchant in Feerot has items available for Dream Motes, which are available in the Bazaar, as well as rewards for HoT quests. The other option is droppable, attunable gear which drops from tier one named. See Rasper's Helpdesk (an invaluable site) for a list of what to look for. It will be listed under HoT/Tier 1 group gear. Generally, the other tier's gear will not be tradable, though some from tier 2 is. Also, higher tiers have higher level requirements.

OK, so that was level 80. At 85, the next to look for is from VoA. The component for the class specific gear is "Rustic". For VoA (and RoF), the component is tradable, but not the armor once made (the opposite of HoT). There is also tier 1 group gear that is tradable, see Rasper's for the list. No analogy to Terror Infused or Dream Mote type gear, like in HoT.

Next, at level 92, is the gear from RoF. Same exact deal as VoA. I forget the name of the class-specific gear component, though I think "fear touched" is in the name. And Rasper's is done, no updates for RoF, so you'll have to dig up for yourself what the drops are that you want to find for the other slots.

The other approach (instead of knowing what you want to find), is to just /bazaar, and see what's available. Using the filters works fine, just select your class, race, max level, and select Hit Points for the attribute you want to search for. Then sort on Hit Points for the results, and you'll see the latest available to you at the top.


PS - 2 quick edits: for the non-visible slots, some of the items have click effects, many of which are quite nice, so check that out when shopping. Second is, you won't believe the boost to your power with level 80 gear. With the three toons I've leveled through 80, the change in stats from 79 to 80 is ~15-18K HP and mana to ~30K HP and mana!
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