Spell lineup questions

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Spell lineup questions

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I have recently grown a druid to box with my magician main. After finally getting her to 100, studying the spells, etc, I have a few questions.

Being a magician, I multibind (NOT the same as a macro) multiple spells, in gem order, to a single key. Since when I box, I use my laptop set up beside my desktop, I typically multibind with that, as well. Anyway, the questions:

When single target direct healing, it appears that casting Sunbeam Blessing, Vivification, Adrenaline Rush (or Stemfang Rush), then Sterivida in a multibind in that order, would be the best single target healing a druid is capable of, to me, yet looking on gamparse, I do not see my guild's druids healing this way. Is this the best single target healing or is there a better weave?

Also, I am trying to maximize a 5 spell dps lineup vs trash (1-3 mob pulls usually max, do not want to use AE due to agro issues). So far, I am using Nature's Withering Wrath, Sporali Assault, Remote Sunfire, Katabatic Roar, and Winter's Wildfire, in that order (only 2k AA, not too many in DPS yet, mostly healing, I imagine more nukes/dots may out dps Sporali Assault soon).

This lineup isn't even coming close to what I see druids are capable of. What am I doing wrong please?
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