What Happened To My Resto?!

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What Happened To My Resto?!

Post by Destinae »

It's been almost an eternity since I last posted. Things were going along pretty well. Raid healing in ICC was good...leveling was pretty easy...even healing instances as I leveled...not so bad...

Heroics?! Yeah, forget it. I realize that the "new" environment *REQUIRES* dps to avoid taking damage whenever possible and to use mitigation talents during heavy damage moments in trash/boss fights...Tanks are using their own damage mitigation spells on a regular basis now...

But right now I'm the ONLY resto druid in my guild that's 85. They're expecting me to be grinding heroics and ready to raid in another two weeks. The farthest I've gotten is Ripsnarl in Heroic Dead Mines...and that's not without a handful of wipes and boss resets...

I'm struggling a bit and wondering if there are tips and advice out there? Gearing my druid is going slower than I had hoped...and I'm getting conflicting information...Our Holy Pally insists that we should gem/enchant Purely for Intellect...the resto shaman is saying to gem/enchant totally for spirit and haste...

I'm just confused and without another resto in my guild (and none of my friends in game play resto druids)...I don't have anyone to compare notes with. Was wondering if you guys had some idea what direction to go. <3
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Re: What Happened To My Resto?!

Post by RagingEpistaxis »

I'll have to preface any advice with the fact that my Pally is 85 and Druid is only 82... But.

Historically Holy Pallys have stacked Int above all else, and this expansion has not really changed that. And I believe that Shaman typically relied more heavily on Spirit and Haste than Int - but I may be off base there - so the advice they both gave you makes sense given the classes they play.
In talking with the other Resto's in my guild, they seem to have a more balanced view (pardon the pun) and consider all three stats. One of them is a crit fanatic, even, but she's crazy. ;-)

It really seems that there is no cookie cutter advice that applies to everyone. Playstyle always matters a lot, and gear varies a lot at this stage of the game too. Some people have tons of haste/spirit/int, other have less, and to differing proportions of each. Add in gemming variability and reforging, and things get even more murky. I'd say that in general lean towards the stat that bolsters your weakest performance point, whether it's mana or throughput.
Int: mana longevity(base mana)>throughput(Heal strength)>regen
Haste: throughput (negative effect on mana longevity)

TLDR: Int > Haste/spirit >>> crit/mastery

A good summary article from a couple of days ago: http://wow.joystiq.com/2010/12/28/shift ... /#comments
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