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Welcome to The Druids Grove!

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Welcome to the long-term and new Druids Grove members! As you've probably noticed, we're looking quite a bit different. We've moved to using new forum software; unfortunately we did not carry over posts and user registrations. We're also on a lower-cost hosting plan.

Where are the old posts?
You can find archives of the old EQ and WoW posts at the links below. But it'll take forever to find what I'm looking for that way!
We also have a custom Google search which will allow searching through the post archives. Why make these changes?
The forums we were on previously were heavily customized. This made them difficult to maintain, and subjected us to large amounts of spam registrations. In addition, our previous forums had a yearly license fee for upgrades, whereas our new forums are free.

In addition to reducing the board cost by removing the annual license fee, we've moved to a cheaper hosting plan. In combination, these changes should provide greater security, simpler updates and administration, and lower costs, making The Druids Grove easier to maintain long-term.

Where's the donations link?
Because of the reduced costs, we're hoping to get by without donations. Thanks to everyone who did donate and helped keep us running over the years! If you previously donated and want your TDG Supporter title back, send me a PM.

Problems and feature requests
If you're noticing an issue with the new boards, or want to request a feature, send me a PM.

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy the new forums.

-TDG Staff