Everquest 1 creator Brad Mcquaid making a classic style MMO

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Everquest 1 creator Brad Mcquaid making a classic style MMO

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If anyone is interested, Brad Mcquaid has formed a team to make an Everquest classic style mmo. The project is about getting back to the MMO roots, with challenging gameplay, very social and active communities. They plan to achieve this by making the game

more group focused and challenging.

There will be no running from quest hub to quest hub to reach max level in 3 days like most modern mmos. They are bringing back open world dungeons (non-instanced). There will be very limited instant teleport in the game, so travelling the world will feel

adventurous. For anyone who remembers EQ 1, in most cases, you stayed in an area for a while, since travelling wasn't easy. This usually led to you seeing the same players, and grouping with them, and before you know it, they were put on friends list. The game

will also feature a death penatly. I could go on and on with how these features make an MMO more immersive. For those that played EQ1, i don't have to. You already know. For those who haven't, and are wondering why modern mmo's get so boring, you

should give this a try.

There are a lot more information on the Kickstarter site, and more being revealed daily.
http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/158 ... n/comments

If you are unsure how a kickstarter works, it's very simple. You pledge an amount of money of your choice, and you are NOT charged until the target goal has been reached. In this case, $800,000. At any time during the kickstarter period, you can change, or

remove your pledge entirely.
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