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2020 - 2021 Covid and Beyond.

Posted: Wed Apr 28, 2021 9:32 pm
by Sobe Silvertree
Hello TDG community,
I hope all were safe during this trying time. I was fortunate that my job kept me remote until I received my vaccination. I just renewed the boards, as many of us still come back and see our old home, our old post, and yea everything seemed so much simpler back then!

If you see this post, please chime in!

Our entire staff, our community, and the fun we had kept us coming back. I hope you found your TDG in other forums, games, or in your life!
----------- May you all have many more years and stay safe.

My hat is off to Yrys for maintaining the forums since I left.

Sobe Silvertree
Sobe the Wanderer
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Re: 2020 - 2021 Covid and Beyond.

Posted: Thu Apr 29, 2021 12:22 pm
by Yrys
Hey Sobe, glad to hear you're doing well. :)

I actually played EQ semi-recently on one of the progression servers. It was fun to go back for a bit, though I don't have the time to raid anymore.

Re: 2020 - 2021 Covid and Beyond.

Posted: Thu Apr 29, 2021 10:04 pm
by Sobe Silvertree
"though I don't have the time to raid anymore" <--- that is a true statement for a lot of us :)

Re: 2020 - 2021 Covid and Beyond.

Posted: Thu Feb 17, 2022 12:41 pm
by Palarran
Glad to see the forums still around!

The Al'Kabor Project (emulated server recreating as closely as practical the frozen-in-PoP Al'Kabor Mac server) occasionally relies on posts from forums like this for evidence of how things were 20 years ago. On at least one occasion I looked for supporting evidence for something, and found one of my own posts from back in the day.

Re: 2020 - 2021 Covid and Beyond.

Posted: Fri Feb 18, 2022 2:04 pm
by Yrys
Hey Palarran, good to see you again. Yeah, even though the forums are quiet to say the least, I am a strong believer in keeping information available. I still toy with the idea of using or writing a vB => phpBB converter to more natively pull in the older posts, but haven't had the time to look at it seriously. Until then though, the searchable archive is still available.